Saturday, March 28, 2009

14 Indispensable URL Shorteners

URL Shortener
We often use URL shorteners without even knowing that many of them have different features. Here is a list of 14 URL shorteners and what's so special about them. Hope you would like them. And don't forget to subscribe to my RSS feed to get notified when The Chronicles of R is updated with more such news, views and reviews.

bit.ly - A simple URL shortener with real-time link tracking, complete history of your links, storing of your Twitter accounts and preferences, a bookmarklet and a preview plugin for Firefox.

BudURL - Manage all of your links in one easy interface with custom notes to keep track of your placemen, instant click stats in your personal Click Stream, create multiple BudURLs that point to the same destination so you can tell which source generates the best ROI, view your referrers, click charts and more!

Eweri - URL shortener with a list of popular URIs, latest URIs and screenshots of those sites/blogs.

HEX!O - A simple URL shortener with bookmarklets.

idek.net -A handy URL shortener with bookmarklets, stats, wordpress plugin and a 301 redirect.

is.gd - A simple URL shortener with a short domain name. You can use this to shorten your email addresses too.

kl.am - A link juice loving URL shortener. This is the successor of zi.ma.

Lincr - A URL shortener with bookmarklets and Firefox Ubiquity command.

POPrl.com - A handy URL shortener with list of popular URLs with screenshots and bookmarklets.

RubyURL - A handy URL shortener built using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Snipurl - A URL shortener with stats, batch processing of URLs and a list of interesting URLs with easy sharing options on most popular bookmarking and social sites.

TinyURL - The Grand Daddy of all URL shorteners, with bookmarklets, URL masking for affiliate links, URL redirects and URL aliases.

twurl - The simplest of them all, anyone with an OpenID can use twurl.

urlBorg - Get detailed history of all the links you created or clicked just by using your GMail id and password to login, also has a preview option.

Now, take your pick.

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Julia Scissor said...

Wow. I was using tiny URL all along. These features are interesting. Thanks for the info.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Julia Scissor : I too was quite satisfied with TinyURL until I started using TweetDeck. With it's long list of URL shorteners, I decided to find out why were there so many when one was enough. And that's when I realized that there was more to them than just shortening URLs.

malcolm coles said...

I reckon tr.im was the best: http://www.malcolmcoles.co.uk/blog/url-shorteners-review/

Danh ba web 2.0 said...

Great list. Nice to meet you
See more URL shortener site in my blog: http://tr.im/hZbI

Vincent said...

Very nice list.

Have you tried http://1url.com ? I like their Twitter bookmarklet.

I like their service as well because it's the shortest .com redirection site that I know of. It's a personal thing though - I just like to stick with the ".com"-ers lol

Mac said...

you forgot http://zz.gd - which makes the shortest short-URL's

Anonymous said...

http://l.pr is shortest and allows embedding of comments in the link as a option

best url shortener said...

cool list tho, how bout http://tr,im and http://kxk.me 2 url shortener i'm using rite now

iblacky said...

We have just published very useful url shortener with very detailed statistics (GEO, google maps etc.) http://smal.ly

One Virtual Place said...

One Virtual Place - http://1vp.com/

John said...

bit.ly definitely seems to have a slight edge over others in my opinion.

2so2 said...

http://2so2.com - very useful if you want to shortener multiple urls at once.

Aaron said...


cats said...


best one I have found :)

creatiu said...


Rodrigo Siqueira said...

Please add this new URL shortener to your list of url shorteners: bit.do

Nurnal said...

yi.tl just launched: http://yi.tl

yi.tl is the first URL shortener to offer support for category tags. This unique service allows users to group related URLs and easily retrieve old links. To save time, the site will even make tag suggestions based on the URL being shortened.

Jimmy said...

1url.me is a great one too 16 character default is pretty darn short, not to mention you can always use a custom short name, and has click tracking and custom fields

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