Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winston Rand, He Was A Pretty Good Guy

Nobody Asked
This post was due for a long time. But somehow I was eluding it. Because I was not ready to accept the fact that Winston is not there with us anymore. And even when I was writing this, my heart was still not ready to accept that hard truth. That's why even though Winston passed away on June 28th last year, it's now, after almost 9 months that I have sat down to write about him. And even now the wound seems fresh and tears fills my eyes.

Winston Rand was an acquaintance and a fellow blogger. I came across his blog Nobody Asked, his The Center For Artificial Indifference while searching on Google. He was one of the most down-to-earth person I have ever seen. Winston had a very good sense of humor. And maybe that was why when I first read on his blog about the news of his passing away I simply refused to believe it. It was last December while I was going through his blog after a long time did I realize that Winston was not going to write anymore.

Winston first introduced himself to his readers as:

I live in the Nashville TN area with two blondes: one is the cuddliest cocker spaniel you’ll ever meet; the other, the love-of-my-life, and a REAL writer, claims most days to be my spouse; for purposes of this present body of work, I’ll refer to the former as “Dog” and the latter as “Roomie”.
Ironically, the last post on his blog was written by Roomie herself. She did the brave task of telling the world about it's great loss, about her great loss.

Winston's favorite song was "The Rainbow Connection," by Kermit the Frog, as well as a bluegrass version of Rocky Top. Winston…he was a "pretty good guy." This is how he wanted everyone to remember him. It's almost unbelievable how we get attached to a person through his writing. Otherwise why would I cry for Winston Rand living in Nashville TN whom I only knew through his blog! But like many others, I love Winston, as a blogger, as a friend, but above all as a human being.

Dear Readers, this is an earnest request from me. I want you to send your heartfelt condolences to Roomie and her family. Her lost is unrecoverable, but we can and would pray for her, her family, and for Winston, that his soul may rest in peace.

Everyone, please repeat this out loud. WINSTON RAND…HE WAS A PRETTY GOOD GUY.

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