Monday, February 09, 2009

The Technorati Monster Escaped Again

TechnoratiLast Saturday, on February 7th, Dorion Carroll from the Technorati's Crawler Development Team had posted on the Technorati Team Blogs that a new Technorati Crawler is on the roll. Going by the slow, sometimes no crawling of blogs for the past couple of weeks, anyone could have guessed that.

Dorion have reported that they were "moving large portions of blogs during the past two weeks and still have a lot to go. The large scale shift has put some strain on our crawl queues and data management systems during this wave of updates. The big push has resulted in slower times to index than usual. We're working hard to keep the new posts coming in and expect the majority of the backlog to be sorted out during this next week", which explains the reason why many of the blogs were not crawled properly.

Technorati has already moved a large portion of their indexed blogs onto the new crawler, now they are planning to shift the rest of the blogs.

The Crawler Development Team worked on the new crawler for over six months. The key feature of the crawler remains to be better visibility and tracking of what's going on in the Blogosphere.

I am happy that the Technorati has finally decided the retire the age old technology they have been using for so long, but at the same time, I am afraid that while shifting the blogs to be indexed by the new crawler, the Technorati Monster would escape quite annoyingly.

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