Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Adsense Feature

Adsense for Domains
Google has introduced a new feature in Adsense. It has come up with Adsense for Domains. Adsense for domains allows publishers with unused domains to help users reach relevant information by presenting content on the domains.

Many of us have often typed domains into our address bar or followed expired links leading to sites with no content. Adsense for Domains would let you cash in on that parked domain you had bought once but could not decide what to do with it. With Adsense for Domains, instead of an "under construction" page or 404 error, it would feature links, search results, advertisements and other content from Adsense. And the best part is that Adsense for Domains is using semantic technology targeted to the domain name. Bottomline, you earn revenue when users interact with the ads on your parked domain now filled with ads from Adsense for Domains.

You don't need a separate account for Adsense for Domains, if you have a valid Adsense account then you are already entitled for that. All you need to do is log on to your Adsense account, click on Adsense Setup, and under the Get Ads tab you would find a link to Adsense for Domains.

To get started with Adsense for Domains, you can check out their setup instruction page. You can also search through their Help Forums. So go ahead and try earning some more cash from Adsense.

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