Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How To Hide The Blogger Nav-Bar

Blogger Hacks
Many of us, including me, find the Blogger Nav-Bar quite aesthetically incorrect. It just sits there without a purpose, and most of the time you cannot even blend it with the color of your template. So I had hid my Blogger Nav-Bar a long time back. In case you would like to do the same, here's how you can do it on your own Blogspot blog:

Go over to your Blogger Dashboard, click on the Layout section and go to Edit HTML. Now before you do anything, first backup your template by clicking on Download Full Template. Trust me, this is a very useful step we often miss.

Then inside your template code, find this line:

For Firefox users, you can press Ctrl+F and bring up the Search bar and search for it easily. Once you have found this piece of code, simply add the following before the tag.
Save your template and then you are good to go. Now when you or someone else would view your blog, the Nav-Bar would not be visible. Wasn't it simple?

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