Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Google Was Down, Like It Or Not

Google Hacked
Hacked or not, Google was down. When I came online today, I got a 302 error while trying to access my Gmail account. It aroused my suspicion as just a few minutes back a reader came over to my site searching for the string "gmail site down" and landed up on the 32 Things To Do When Your ISP Is Down. When I search in Google myself about any news, I came up with some interesting facts.

Google was down. All/most of their services were down including Google search. Engadget had a whole article dedicated to it, quite unusual of them though cause they don't cover something like this.

Then I went to GigaOm and found out some more interesting facts. Apparently someone has hijacked the Google Domain, and something called SoGo Search is showing up instead. The picture above is from the GigaOm site. At 3:11PM PST GigaOm reported this, and it continued for quite sometime. Ad of now 4:15AM PST, I am still facing problems with Gmail and some other Google services including Orkut. Larry Magid was on the local CBS radio talking about the Google’s great vanishing trick.

Although Google continues to claim that it was just the result of a DNS problem, what baffles me is as to why a DNS change would point some users like Om to another site? And along with this we face the age old question, what if the Big Daddy Google goes down for some reason, what do we do then? Over the past decade we have come to depend on Google for almost everything, what if Google ceases to exist tomorrow? If anything new comes up, I'll keep you updated. You can subscribe to The Chronicles of R to receive those updates on your email or as an RSS feed.

[Pic Coutsey : GigaOm]

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