Sunday, February 01, 2009

Google Sends A False Alarm

Yesterday, i.e. on 31st January, 2009, for around 40 minutes between between 6:30 AM PST and 7:35 AM PST, Google had marked every single site on the internet as potentially harmful by flagging every single listing for every single search as "This site may harm your computer,". Later, Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products & User Experience posted this on the official Google blog.

It's interesting to note what Mashable has to say about this:

"...consider the potential economic losses to companies: with Google reportedly serving “millions of searches per minute”, users being encouraged not to click on search results for even a short period could have a significant impact."
A note was also posted later on the Google support forum saying that although Google has fixed the issue, it might still show it's ugly head while one is trying to access the Google Webmaster Tools account. But thankfully, that too was resolved within a short span of time.

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