Sunday, February 01, 2009

Antaheen - An Endless Journey

Antaheen - An Endless Journey
The phone lay on
The table.
Waiting, singularly,
Beside the half-open laptop.
A notebook,
Few scribbles.
And the Parker you used.

Except, you are not there.
You won't IM me again,
I won't receive your
Call anymore.
A dark black cloud
Has engulfed
The sleepless star of the night.

Do you remember those green
Monsoon showers?
With the leaf holding
Every drop of rain on it's edge.
The self-portrait of Frida Carlo,
How the sunlight created
A kaleidoscope of light on it?

Those unfinished conversations,
Some unspoken words.
That etched glass that separated
From reality.
And an escape, to our dreamland
Like fantasy in the midst of reality.

I yearn to see that smile, and
To drown in those kohl laden eyes.
Am I a loner?
Am I lonely?
Or am I simply alone? Without you!
No, I am
Your boy in the box.

I am waiting, waiting
For you.
It's an endless wait, eternal.
But the journey has just begun
For me, for us.
And it is the journey of a lifetime,

[This poem is a dedication to those eternal lovers like Raat Jaga Tara and Boy In The Box in the movie Antaheen.]

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ami antaheen dekhechi..a good after feeling was there.
your poem reminded me of the same good feeling.
about the movie...it could have been better..a slow narration is there...sogs are good but all of them sounds same..picturisation was nice too.but it seems aniruddha has an affination towards death.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@To Touch The Horizon : The movie is a million times better than what we get in the name of Bengali movie these days.

The movie although slow, was never a bore. I have written something more about Antaheen, although in Bengali. Would publish it tomorrow. Maybe you would be able to get a fair idea of what was going on in his mind when he was directing the movie.


agreed the movie was not a bore..the way it dealt with relationships was very admirable....i really like that part when pc is talking about the ph call.....relationship er shukkho anubhuti gulo shundar tuee dhoreche....eyee ek i karonee amar anuronon yoo bhalo legechilo..

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@To Touch The Horizon : I haven't seen Anuronon, specially because I don't like Rituporna (not Rituporno).


but i think anuronon was directed by aniruddha....ekbar check koro...

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