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40+ Beautiful Blogger Templates

Blogger Templates
I have always been a fan of Blogger/Blogspot. Even after buying my own domain name, I never switched to a hosting service and continue to host my blog on Blogspot. But finding templates for your Blogspot blogs can be time consuming to say the least. So I decided to share my list of favorite Blogger templates. Do let me know if I have missed out on any template of your choice by leaving a comment on this post, I would add it on my next list of Blogger Templates. Hope you like this list.


A 3-column template with a stunning design.

A dark, 2-column template with a fully widgetised sidebar.

Field of Dreams
A 2-column template with a fully functional Top Menu Bar.

A dark, 2-column template with a menu and a stunning header-image. If you are a fan of dark-templates then this is a must for you.

Rounded Blue
A 2-column template with an integrated Recent Comments, Flickr badge and Google sitesearch.

Delta Goodrem
A beautiful, transparent, 2-column template with a nice background.

Another beautiful, 2-column, transparent template for all those poets and art-lovers out there.

A beautiful, 2-column wide template with a blue-background for all those people who believe in change.

A 2-column magazine style template. Has a very unique look and a dark background.

Magic Paper
A fantasy-based 3-column template with a fully widgetised sidebar.

A very unusual 1-column template with a soothing color combination.

Road to October
For all those numerous baseball fans out there, this is a brilliant 2-column adsense ready template.

Misty Look
A template originally made for Wordpress blogs, now ported to Blogspot. This is a beautiful, white, 2-column template with a top-menu.

A 2-column, white template with a stunning menu on the top. This is a well renowned template.

Another 2-column template that was originally made for Wordpress blogs and later ported for Blogspot because of it's immense popularity.

Thisway Blue
The Thisway template of Blogger with a 3-column design.

One of the most popular templates from the stable of Gecko & Fly.

A 3-column template with a Vista look. If you crave for brilliant design, this template is a must for you.

Another template which was originally built for Wordpress blogs, this is a 2-column template with a minimalist design and a white background.

A 2-, 3- or 4-column template based on the way you want to widgetise it. This is an Adsense ready template.

A Girl in the Wind
A girlie, 2-column template which I myself used for a long time. This has a very soothing color combination with a beautiful design.

A 2-column template with a brilliant design and an equally stunning header.

A 2-column template for food-blogs.

A 2-column template which would suit best for an automobile blog.

Music 42
A 2-column template for all those music fans out there.

Street 48th
A brilliant semi-transparent, 2-column template with a stunning background.

Another semi-transparent, 2-column template for all those music fanatics out there. This is a dark template.

Monday Blues
Another Adsense ready template which is sure to increase your CTR.

A 3-column vector template with icons beside important links.

Freedom Wall
This distinctive 2-column template features integrated navigation tabs and a unique calendar style.

Agenda 04
A 2-column, rustic themed template with a beautiful header design.

My Valentine
With Valentine's Day just round the corner, this is a must for all those love, romance related blogs.

Red Silver
A Web2.0 template featuring calendar widgets and a split sidebar.

Tic Tac Blue
A 3-column version of the classic blue TicTac Blogger theme.

Gourmet Menu
A classy 3-column theme styled to appear like a menu. You can see a demo of this template here.

Mobile Tech
A simple, technical themed template with 3 columns.

A dramatic sunset theme which I myself have used for a long time. It is fully customizable and has a unique layout. You can view a demo of this template here.

This is a Premium Blogger template from Amanda Fazani. It is a 3-column template with a 3-column footer which is becoming the craze amongst the Web2.0 fans.

A brilliant 3-column white template with a stunning header design. You can view a demo of this template here.

Blue Dust
Here is a swirly template from my favorite Anne of BlugU. This template has a fluid sidebar, an integrated Label Cloud widget, a custom favicon, clickable header on post page and loads of other goodies. You can check a demo of this stunning template here. Please do visit her site and leave her a comment.

A Day without Chocolate
Similar to the Blue Dust template above, this is a girlie version of the same with a pink header.

Pink Stitches
A girlie template with an integrated Label Cloud, Stylized blockquotes and Custom favicon.

Gold Fish
Anne's first template for Blogger Beta, but it's equally brilliant as her other templates are.

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Mike Johnson said...

Awesome themes! Thanks for the great compilation.

a friend said...

Thanks for sharing those themes but i would like to inform you that the Butterfly link dont work.Anyway i like very much the gold fish!

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Mike Johnson : Thank you.

@A Friend : I have tried it, seems to work fine. Try this link, it should work:


And thank you for your comments. Gold Fish is one of Annie's best templates.

software developement said...

Thank you for sharing this..this is really work.im glad i stumbled your site.thumbs up!

wed design said...

great themes..i tried the butterfly and its totally cool....thank you so much for sharing this.

Ethen Hunt said...

these are really awesome thanks for sharing it. These themes are nice.. keep putting if you let have more new themes.

Netbizgurl said...

Nice templates..I'll definitely use it.

24retoa said...

Nice one!

24retoa said...

Nice one!!

Brian Jones said...

Nice templates, You have put together a very nice selection

Patrick Queeds said...

Really good templates! Thx!

valutahandel said...

Hi great templates thanks for share

Rishi S said...

Hey, these are very nice themes. Am thinking about changing my blog's, but it takes too much of an effort. Any recommendations?

Stapleton Beer Fest said...

Superb and splendid themes you have got! Thanks for that.....

Catherine South said...

Thanks for all these blogger templates. :)

Aquila1769 said...

Bellissimi template. ne prenderĂ² sicuramente qualcuno per il mio prossimo blog.


seo companies in india said...

It’s an excellent collection of Blogger templates. Some of the listed themes are really awesome...I have tried the Gold Fish and its totally cool....thanks you so much for sharing this.

George said...

Very nice Blogger templates collection. I like to all template to your site. Thanks for nice sharing templates.

Nathan @ Blogspot SEO said...

Thanks. Some of the links don't work anymore unfortunately (obviously this is a very old post). After doing some searches on Google, I was able to find most of them; they look awesome. Would you recommend any of them being suitable for AdSense use?

shawn said...

"Lotus"Very nice template. I found having a unique three column template for Blogger based on a grid style layout. Lotus is an original design. Nice article! It's quite hard to find a good site. And I think I am lucky enough to have come here. I found it very useful and helpful one. Good job!

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I think you have deleted the template bloggers here, because when I visit one of the template, it redirects me to a 404 error page.

Ogden UT Restaurant said...

yeah, I agree on that, the links that you have provided here are not longer available.

sewa ac said...

wow part of them are great template..I will test to my blog..
btw do you have template for wordpress?/

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