Sunday, February 01, 2009

33 Points To Get A PR 4

All of the following are old-school tricks, but some of us have stopped believing in them. And then there are some who don't remember most of them. So here is a comprehensive list of things you need to do to promote your blog/site and get a PR 4 in the shortest possible time. Hope you would find them useful.

1. Do a press release for your blog.
2. Hire a good SEO expert.
3. Develop a particular tone of writing.
4. Hire a professional writer if necessary.
5. Make sure your contents are unique.
6. Make sure you do not spam.
7. Write on a particular topic.
8. Design your site properly.
9. Target your audience geographically.
10. Target the social networking and article submission sites in accordance to your topic of choice.
11. Create a healthy set of followers and/friends in those sites.
12. Remove the date-time stamp from your articles unless absolutely necessary.
13. Add widgets for popular articles and recent posts.
14. Read what others are writing.
15. Comment on other blogs, but once again, DO NOT SPAM.
16. Help people online with your knowledge.
17. Once you have a good Technorati authority, flaunt it.
18. Do not display your number of subscribers until you reach the 1K mark.
19. Share a full-feed of your site.
20. Make it easy for your subscribers.
21. Educate your subscribers about RSS.
22. Do offline promotion as well as online.
23. Create a Google Webmasters account.
24. Study the stats of your site and try to find the trends. Numbers can be fun and helpful.
25. Find out your niche keywords.
26. Create an account in Twitter.
27. Hold contests and distribute relevant freebies on your site.
28. Try and develop a viral campaign.
29. Get some good backlinks by doing link exchanges.
30. Try to get in touch with Pro Bloggers from your city and interact with them, both online and offline if possible.
31. Be very very patient. Success does not come easily, and certainly not too fast.
32. Respect your readers.
33. Subscribe to the feed of The Chronicles of R to keep yourself updated.

Of course this list is incomplete, I know I have missed out many points, some of which may be very vital. So do join in the conversation and put in your valuable comments. If you found this article useful, a Digg and/or a Stumble would be highly appreciated.

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Julia Scissor said...

My blog has a PR 4 but I never consciously worked towards it. In fact I discovered by chance that it had hit the 4 mark.

Most of the things that up you have suggested here don't apply to individual bloggers who don't the time, energy or moolah to do it all. Maybe if you are serious about making advertising revenue or had a very targeted blog, you'd do it.

You blog because we want to write not the other way around.So wonder where it leaves #4.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Julia Scissor : You are right, these points are mostly for Pro Bloggers. Although there are a number of points which I followed even when I was blogging as a hobby. Have you seen Mashable? or maybe TechCrunch? They are blogs too, but maintained professionally. So if someone wants to go for blogging professionally, I am sure these points would prove to be invaluable.

Heidi said...

You have some good ideas in this list, but in the end it all comes down to good content. If you produce things people want to read on a regular basis you'll get traffic. While Pagerank may be a symbol of this success, I don't know that it should be a goal in and of itself. Instead I think a higher rank is merely the result of a successful blogging strategy.

p.s. I was curious about the suggestion to remove the date/time stamp. Some of my older entries still pull in great traffic. Some of my entries are relatively timeless while others are not. For those that aren't I think it is helpful for readers to see the date so they know that the advice is old.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Heidi : Content would always be the king, but good content without proper promotion means nothing. I have seen bloggers who are great writers and their blogs are really worth a day's read, but because of lack of good promotion and SEO they lack the exposure.

Most of us like to keep the date-time stamp because our articles are based on a timeline. But if one's content does not adhere to any timeline, it helps to recycle those "old is gold" articles without a hitch.

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