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Why Men Are More Perfect Than Women

Perfect Men
I have a habit of reading blogs, I cover some 25-30 different blogs a day. By doing this I gain an insight about what people are thinking, what they want to read, and sometimes I get to have a few good laughs. A couple of days back, on one of this auspicious occasions I came across a new blog (hardly a month old with only 2 posts in it) where an important topic was being discussed. No no, let me rephrase it, a very important topic was being elaborated and dissected in open public. Now, even though I knew that curiosity kills the cat, I felt no harm since I am nowhere related to a feline being. The discussion was about how women are perfect and men are otherwise!

There were a few numbered bullet points put up over there to justify the fact that women are way better than men and are thus perfect. People who have read Think and and The Long Drawn Discussion would know my view points about women. And I have earned many accolades from women for my thoughts and views about womanhood in general. But very honestly, after reading the bullet points and the comments on that blog, I felt a little disturbed. Not because someone had tried to blemish the character of men which includes me, I wouldn't have cared less if that was the case, but I was disturbed because of the fact that there was so much of misconception in that post. I thought, "do really women think of us that way!". So I thought I'll explain and elaborate those same numbered bullet points from a neutral viewpoint and not a feminist one. So here it is:

1. Women are more understanding than the men. You don’t have to speak to tell them that you are feeling sad or happy; they can tell you by looking once at you.

Well, I guess The Long Drawn Discussion would be an apt reply for this. Moreover, I would like to say that it how your relationship is with a particular women which decides whether she can understand you in the aforementioned manner or not. You cannot expect the same from any women you meet on the street, if she can do that then take my word for it, she is not understanding, she is a female reincarnation of Nostradamus.

2. Women become mature at an early stage as compared to men. If you don’t believe me then ask for the view points of a girl and a guy about a relationship and you will get the difference ;)

Definitely women are more matured then men, one can count on it anytime. But does being immature accounts to the fact of one being better than the other? A comparison such as this is a sign of immaturity of the first degree. Does that makes the author (who is of course a girl) inferior in any way, NO! At a certain point of time in life you would wish that you would have remain immature forever.

3. A confidante and an accomplice, you can always dump any secret in a woman and she will always listen to you.

Why of course, where else do you think the women get their daily dose of gossips! She would listen to you no doubt, but the very next moment she would go ahead and speak with the most amazing blather.

4. Only a woman can play the role of a friend, a mother, a sister, a guide, a wife, a partner, an advisor. So many roles she plays at same time.

Well, well, well, does the women also plays the role of a father, a philosophers, a brother, a husband? But just because she is none of these does not make her in any way inferior than a man? I have seen an abusive mother, a promiscuous wife, does that deface the image of a woman, NO! A man, like a woman, has different roles to play in life.

5. Only a woman loves without any conditions.

Oh boy! That was simply great and hilarious. I say no one, absolutely no one in this world can love someone without any conditions. If anyone can do that, then that person is either a sage or a mahatma or in the terminal stage or insanity, or maybe he/she watches too much of those mushy mushy Bollywood movies.

And now ladies and gentlemen, the final numbered bullet point that puts the nail on the coffin for the fate of a man.

6. Women know how to take control of their emotions and feelings, they know when to move on and leave the past in the past whereas men can’t do it. (try to recall how many times you called up your ex-girlfriend to know what she is doing now).

Errr, dumping a guy who cared about you, who stood by your side when you needed him, and then leaving him high and dry in the middle of the road is not moving on, it's still called dumping. It is not taking control of your emotions, rather it is the proof of absence of emotions and feelings. Does that makes a woman perfect? I don't think so.

To the author of that blog, if you ever read this: Only a fool would draw a comparison such as this. Just because you have seen certain imperfect men does not mean that you can generalize men, it only means that you were unfortunate enough not to see the goodness in your Father or your Brother. Do you know that most of the brothels in India are run by women? Don't you think that a woman is a woman's greatest enemy? If a woman can react when when someone enters her territory, why is a man called a chauvinist when he does the same?

If those are the points you put up to show the imperfections in a man than you would really have to work hard on it to prove your point beyond your friends and in that case this man is very happy to remain imperfect, but is quite unwilling to let go of his precious emotions and feelings.

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Lucid Darkness said...

There are many foolish men, and there are as many foolish women (although I don't know about the places where there is a prominently skewed gender ratio).

Jokes apart, the thing that I feel most people, both men and women need to understand is that they both have things to offer each other (I don't mean it in the perverted sense here, although that's another matter altogether) and that they together bring balance. Both sexes have a lot of things going for them and they have as many flaws which can, given a certain degree of intelligence and patience, can be complemented by the other sex.

Now we can't fairly or rationally say that one is better than the other. What has happened over the course of history, however, is that women have let themselves be exploited on many occasions, as a result of which they still don't get the same opportunities as men even today. But even then the blame cannot be laid only on the men. You're absolutely right when you say that a woman is another woman's worst enemy. And if a woman tries to do something nice for another she's nicely back-stabbed by the person she's helped. But then again, men have also indulged in their share of abuse. And men aren't beyond back-stabbing either.

All I can say, I suppose, is that objectionable people are just as likely to be men as they are to be women. It's human nature which is so flawed that it cannot exist without some sort of disruption, without envy, or, in so many instances, an insatiable thirst for power. As sensible people we can't in all fairness say that one sex is better than the other. If that were indeed true or one sex were redundant nature would have evolved such that there would be only men or only women.

There is an immense need for both men and women to respect each other, acknowledge each others' strengths and weaknesses and accept and celebrate the differences which lead to such diversity on earth. Maybe I'm being very idealistic. Or maybe I'm being both practical and philosophical, but I believe that a lot of unnecessary conflict can be avoided just by giving all people the respect that they deserve. You don't have to like everyone but it is possible to respect others for some admirable trait that they possess.

PS: Your own post might have been a little more effective at making its point had the title veered more towards fair neutrality. :P

Isha said...

As I read the point number 1 and 2 , I thought that this writer has a logic to substantiate his views…it did definitely have logic – that’s fantastic .
But your point number three about gossips , and the one about girls leaving their relationships mid-way etc, made me think otherwise ….if someone has done a mistake of holding generalizations above individual , you doing the same thing proves that you are no lesser a fool than the writer itself!...god bless

P. S. ur title is reeking of unhealthy arrogance

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Lucid Darkness : Women have always been the object of exploitation at various levels in this patriarchy. From the days of Adam and Eve (if you do believe in them that is) till the times of Mahabharata, women have been subjected to humiliation by men just so that they can dominate over them. Why do you think they did this? Because even they understood that women are in certain ways, better than men.

But we should also acknowledge that things have changed quite a lot in the past. Woman have come out of the closet to voice their concerns. And they are being given fair chances.

Now my point while writing this essay was that why should we spread hate and disgust against any particular gender just based on our statistics of a either a few men or a few women. That would not only be quite a foolish thing to do, but it would also create a sense of mistrust amongst both the sexes.

So you were right when you said that There is an immense need for both men and women to respect each other, acknowledge each others' strengths and weaknesses and accept and celebrate the differences which lead to such diversity on earth.

And as far as the title of this essay goes, well that's a secret ;-)

@Isha : Thank you so much for your comments and your blessings. Now Isha, just because I glorified women in points 1 and 2 and in the rest I did not, you cannot say it was all illogical. And for your information, unlike you I never claimed to be a perfectionist. I am a man, I am a self-proclaimed chauvinist and am not afraid to admit it. I am a human being and I love to enjoy my share of im-perfectionism.

pooja said...

hmm..having read both the posts ..i think urs was nthng more than a lopsided answer to a lopsided post ( if i may say so..)- if someone else has generalized, u add something new by giving it another dimension and a balanced prespective..
there is a difference between "reaction" and a "response"...
as i have said b4 ...we cant compare two things which are very different , and bfully so.
ur comments on this post are much more balanced than ur tone in the post per se...:)

Nirvana said...

hey raj...firstly i would like to say that the writer of the original blog was immature and that is very evident from the kind of logic that she has used...
i think there are a lot of things for her to learn...its not apt for us to get emotional about the whole episode but to take it in good humour ofcourse tell the sane people inhabiting the earth that pls we do not want any division in terms of caste race sex etc...
to say one is better sex is better than the other is a futile excercise...both need one another equally so y this fight in the first place....

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Pooja : Thank you so much for your comment. Well, yes it's true that the tone in which I wrote the essay was quite different from what I wrote in the comment replies. The essay was a bit more aggressive. But my views were the same in both the essay and in the comments, we should not generalize. That's why you must have noticed that in the essay I have always drawn a comparison that whether a negative point does or does not blemish the true character of was woman, and I myself have proved in the very next line that it does not :)

mumpy said...

Does it makes sense if i simply say....that i don't agree and it's an utter waste to discuss who is better and who is not!
Boss, you might be a good man..the next one might not be the same...same applies to the fact that i might be a bad women..but the next women might not be as bad as me right folks?!?
Why at all debate on a topic which is subjected to how an individual faces up with the opposite gender..lets leave it at the point where even the creator wanted it to be...that both women and men are essential...it hardly matters who is better n who is not!

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Nirvana : If you see that Lucid Darkness has made a very fine point, she said "There is an immense need for both men and women to respect each other, acknowledge each others' strengths and weaknesses and accept and celebrate the differences which lead to such diversity on earth". I think it's very true.

@Mumpy : Thank you for your comment. After a long time. Well, I completely agree with what you said. We should leave a debate on such a foolish topic and stop spreading misconceptions about any gender.

Kelley Ann Hornyak said...

If anything is clearer from reading this post, it's that we all have our strengths and our flaws. In my personal experience, the faults that are generally attributed to just men or women can often apply to either sex. Some men gossip more than women supposedly do. Some women are more competitive than men supposedly are. If there is a higher power that created all of us, then there must be a reason that we were both made. And I doubt that higher power would value one or the other as better or stronger. We balance each other out.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Kelley : I disagree. I would still say that women are much better than men. Only it's not because of those aforementioned points. Thank you so much that you took out time to comment Kelley :)

Isha said...

My dear nirvana
I think that if someone is getting emotional here it is You and not the writer because the writer had written it as light hearted post….but you made it an issue as it definitely hit u in the right and most delicate part – UR EGO. I am really confused with the different replies you gave….here you said that DON’T DIVIDE…and there you made it a point that MEN are PERFECT (though not directly). So I think first you need to learn some basics of carrying on a healthy discussion rather than emotional reactions….:P

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Isha : Thank you Isha, I guess I finally made my point clear to you :)

The Shmoo said...

Dear R,
We would really love the link to the blog which influenced this post. Yes, the author of that blog surely messed it up, but as some have of your readers have already mentioned, you're guilty of generalizing too.

Enjoyed all the arguments, excluding point 3 and point 6 though. They needed a neutral point of view.

Keep writing :)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@The Shmoo : I would have loved to link that blog here, but I respect the privacy of the author. Moreover, as I already said that my intention is NOT to insult anyone by either writing or bringing him/her to public. All I wanted to do was make certain points cleared about the misconceptions that most girls have about men and most men have about girls. And going by the number of comments that this essay has received, I think I have achieved success in doing that.

I agree with you about points 3 and 6. They are telltales, but I guess writing 2 biased points out of 6 is much better than writing 6 biased points out of 6 :)


you seem to have written on a very controversial topic.
firstly i don't agree with the title of your work. no body is perfect whether its a man or a woman, both has their own flaws and both need eachother.
secondly i like the content of the write, the points that you have disagreed is true to a certain limit but a woman is more mature in dealing with certain things. she is emotional strong in certain cases too. many psycologist agreed to this.not all women give away secrets, some do know how to keep them as well.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@To Touch The Horizon : not all women give away secrets, some do know how to keep them as well

So do we get that majority of women give away secrets while some of them don't?

And I was just wondering which eminent psychologists' which paper are you talking about in which they have agreed to the fact that women are emotionally stronger than men? And how does being emotionally stronger accounts to a women being better than a man? What if I say that men are physically more stronger than an average woman, would that make a man better than a woman? I don't think so.

So the point as you yourself have said is, that it would be a fools task to draw a conclusion about who is perfect, a man or a woman based on their qualities. And Philo, I love to write about controversial topics :)

It was so good to see you on my blog. Thanks for your comment :)

nisha said...

Hmmm who said woman leave the past behind well as men cant;) its just that they keep they feelings hidden and do the unimaginable to know whats going on with their ex.. the men prefer to show it off.. hehe.. just wanted to put forward this, from my point of view and now you ppl can continue debating ;)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Nisha : Not many woman loves to or have the courage to come out of the closet and admit the truth like you do. That's why only men are labeled as egoists and this and that. But show me any human being who does not have an ego, irrespective of being a man or a woman, and I would show you a modern-day Jesus Christ. Same goes for all the other accusations that are usually put on men.

Dentist said...

Both women and men can love unconditionally but when comes to compare men and women, women is the best for eg. Mother..
but here the post is balanced and some of them here got confused..
keep writing like this.. i like to read those comments as well!!

Prince Kazarelth said...

Right. This is one of the most absurdly written treatises by any blogger, and far from judging the exposition from a neutral standpoint, you have elaborated very pointlessly from a masculinist point - making the tribe of men seem like an absolutely idiotic race; which, unfortunately for you, includes me.

Firstly, you haven't linked to the original post, holding the veracity of your claims regarding the points in question.
Reading the points, though, I have no doubt that [if really written] these points sum up to present an image of a half-cooked brain, the size of a pea. If the woman's IQ were one point less, she'd be happily making her own green food from the sun and other nutrients from the soil.

Yet, you have failed to provide some semblance of reason to this 'retort' of yours.
Let us dissect it point-by-point, shall we?

1.) I disagree with the Original Author (henceforth referenced as OA), and your 'reply' is one of the most convoluted and haplessly stray retorts I have ever seen.

"I would like to say that it how your relationship is with a particular women which decides whether she can understand you in the aforementioned manner or not." - Could you please elaborate on that; in grammatically correct and coherent English, if possible?

In a relationship, both the man and the woman strive to understand each other, and they learn equally fast.

2.) Utter BS from the OA, and you as well. Try to use shorter sentences - it helps beginners write good English.
And, the maturity-difference is only till the age of 18-21, and is also heavily dependent upon your upbringing. Ask the OA to shut her trap, will you?

3.) Men gossip. They just don't do it actively like women. Secret-keeping is heavily dependent on your personality, which is directly dependent on your upbringing. Again, total BS from both parties.

4.) "Only a woman can play the role of a ... mother, a sister, ..., a wife... " <- Well duh. You can't expect a man to play the role of a mother or a sister or a wife.
Your point, for once is satisfactorily put forth.

5.) Utterly stupid rot from OA. My god, where the hell did you find this woman? Your retort, although clumsily put, is spot-on. This woman is raving!

6.) I really do not understand what the OA meant by saying whatever she did, and therefore your reply is appallingly incoherent. (Was she like 12 years old by any chance? That would explain a lot)

To conclude, we could all have been spared a paltry attempt of an article if you had directly commented on the OA’s blog. Since you have not linked to said author’s post, I am compelled to believe that she does not exist, and you have pretty much fashioned a post ex nihilo and given it to us.

Good luck trying to write more posts filled with substance, for I have not found any till now. :)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Prince Kazarelth : I am so honored to have thy Prince on my blog, wasting His time in reading my futile and lame attempts in becoming a mediocre writer inspite of the fact that He didn't find any substance in it or any other post in this blog! I am also thankful to you for pointing out my mistakes, point noted My Lord and rectifications would be clearly visible on the future articles.

Now I understand that it is beyond the dignity of the Prince to read the comments of other mare mortals on this post, else He would have definitely realized why I have not mention either the name or the URL of the original author (why am I feeling so tempted to write long sentences with numerous grammatical errors!). So let me put forth the point once again.

The idea my Prince was not to put the original author down by writing something against the original article. As mentioned in the post, I felt uneasy about it and so had put forth my point of view, which unfortunately made the Prince feel as if He belongs to an idiotic race called men. I apologize my Prince, but I was just wondering whether it was this post or whether it was just a sense of Deja Vu.

Secondly, I did comment on the original author's blog my Prince with the same points that I had mentioned in my blog. But unfortunately the original author felt it was an act of digression and thus censored it even without publishing that comment. That somehow made me uneasy O Prince, and so I wrote this post which is quite unworthy of being read by the Prince.

And Prince, I am a self-confessed chauvinist, I have a very big ego and I am very proud of it. So it was quite impossible for me to write something from a neutral standpoint as the Prince had suggested.

It was good to have the Prince comment on this poor blog, atleast that increased the actual worth of this paltry attempt of an article. It really bought a smile on my face :)

Renu said...

Definitely not a safe topic to blog on as is apparent from the comments :)
Of course your inspiration for the post is full of stereotypes. But then even trying to vindicate men from this would seem stereotypical (to sensitive women)& I wouldn't like to leave without doing my bit for womankind :).
I seriously refute the attributes of gossip attached to women, for i have often seen men indulging in some harmless gossip themselves over a cuppa :)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Renu : Well, don't get me wrong here. I am not saying that women are the most worthless of the creations, and men are must better than them. The truth is that women are far better than men, only not because of those reasons.

bluesoulcurry said...

Cool findings and hilarious comments !

yasinta said...

The points are commonly true. But no. 6 doesn't apply for me and some friends. I often use emotion and it;s hard to control them.
No 4, some type of men can do that too.
No 5, lol.. I just read this in a new book review by Oprah. A woman's love is the best love in the world!

Lindsay said...

I have to say, that even as a woman, I found my self thinking "My god! Was this girl smoking CRACK when she wrote this?"
There is nothing that I would love to see more than a woman that is always mature, always keeps your secrets, and can always move on from thing in the past. A woman that can always love without condition and always be understanding.
Truth be told.. That woman does not exist.
(except for Mary Poppins of course - you know "practically perfect in every way")
The issue with the OA's post is that it suggests that ALL women are ALWAYS like that. I have tried, and at times failed HORRIBLY, to be the kind of woman that it suggests that we all are.

1. Women are more understanding than men?
In my life I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing some of the most wonderful and understanding women and men in the world. I have dated both sexes and experienced both men and women that either possessed that quality or they did not. That I assure you has nothing to do with them being male or female.
2. Women become mature at an earlier stage than men?
Well compared to when I was 19 and my brother who is now 19.. he out-matures me like nobody's business. It's actually embarrassing sometimes when I think about how much further he going to take himself because he has that maturity and discipline that I lacked. I mean relationship wise I win but that is only because of trial and error. Basically though, in my own experience, my brother is a man that matured far before I did.
3. You can always dump secrets into a woman?
This one I find particularly frustrating. You don't just tell your secrets to women or men. Secrets are saved for your closest friends or family male or female. When your about to lay out your deepest darkest you don't stop to think.. "well I know that Jimmy is my best pal, but because he is a boy and CLEARLY boys can't keep secrets as well as girls blah blah blah".. This one is just ridiculous.
4.Only a woman can play the role of...?
Clearly the OA has never met a single father. That is a man that is more than any woman. When he plays the role of the mother and the father on top of all of the other roles that he has as a man. I'm sure that a single mother has no problems explaining to a 12 year old girl why in gods name she is bleeding.. because she has been there. Try doing it as a dad. Now mind you I am not knocking all the single moms out there. I am sure that it is hard, really really hard. I just couldn't imagine being the dad that has to do that.
5.Only a woman loves without ANY conditions????
I can barely even go into this one because I just want to die every time I start. You said it right Raj, no one in this world can do that. It is human nature. You can fight it, but it will always be there. It's just human nature.
6.Women know how to take control of their emotions and feelings, they know when to move on and leave the past in the past whereas men can’t do it...?
I can't speak for anyone but myself here. But.. I have never (in my own experience) met a woman who at some point in their lives should have moved on, and I am # 1 on my own list here, who says they have.. and they have not. I am queen of Grudgeland. I own property on both Emotional Breakdown and Psychotic Episode Islands. Like I said I don't know that all women are this way but I do know that a good portion of them are.

The whole point of the ridiculously long response is that I am a woman, I love being a woman. But it makes me incredibly angry and even embarrassed when women say things against men, without whom they would not exist. I love my mom with all of my heart and soul, she is my best friend. But my brothers and my father have been the main influence and support system in my life. I greatly respect them and honor them for all the things that they do. Any human that could suggest that either man or woman is less than the other should be ashamed because it takes the two to create and survive... Although women certainly do win anatomy wise.. sorry guys. Sucks for you! :p

ESL Jobs said...

Hmm...some interesting, thought provoking, and controversial insights.

Anonymous said...

i think the woman who wrote that post and the blogger who dissected her article here should marry each other.. what a relief that would be!!!

men and women are created unequal, no one is superior to the other. so why this silly argument. anyway the blog is well written liked it..

Anonymous said...

wtf who cares

sleepinl8 said...

what bull shit is #5??? I guess the person who wrote that never heard of a whore before. Also, I have a serious issue with #6. And the weirdest thing is I'm not even sure if I agree with it or not! my parents recently had a huge fight about so many things of the worst period of our lives, in the past. there was a lot of talk about "getting the truth on the table" and what exactly that truth really was. both were accusing each other of not being able to leave the past in the past. Well, I guess they were both right, because none of them could stay out of the past now that my fathers controversial opinion had been spilled. I don't blame my mom for not letting it go - it was a complete overstatement what my dad said. I wouldn't have been able to keep it at that either. To hell with gender, sometimes if you believe with a passion what is right and what is wrong from a certain situation, you have to express it loud and clear. and, well, when you have parents who want to do exactly that,.... you're screwed for a while. And it kills me inside to take sides with my parents, and the guilt i feel for kind of trashing my dad on the web weighs me down like a ton of bricks. I agree with my mom strongly, but my dad really does have good intentions - he just sees things from a completely different perspective. He was raised in a quiet, proper, slightly bigots, conservative, republican, fairly uptight family. Mom? polar opposite. loud family, laid back, 2 crazy crude humored uncles, and dogs. oh, and little obnoxious cousins. whoa sorry i got so off topic there lol. I think I'll copy/paste this and post it on my blog, actually! yall can check it out here: http://sleepinl8.bolgspot.com

didi said...

For me there are men and women who are foolish.


didi said...

For me there are men and women who are foolish.


Anonymous said...

The very argument about women vs men shouldn't exist. First of all, i have to say that the response to 3&4 was slightly sexist. I'm a woman, and I love philosophy and HATE gossip. Just becaude I happen to be a female doesn't change anything. The argument is stupid due to the obvious fact that men and women think differently, and bot think they're way of thinking is right. I disagree with both the original blog and the responses listed above. Take a deep breath and get over it. You know that men are from mars woman are from venus? Get that into your head, accept it, and move on.

Anonymous said...

@ dis dumb slut. January 19, 2009 3:44 PM
Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@To Touch The Horizon : not all women give away secrets, some do know how to keep them as well

So do we get that majority of women give away secrets while some of them don't?

And I was just wondering which eminent psychologists' which paper are you talking about in which they have agreed to the fact that women are emotionally stronger than men? And how does being emotionally stronger accounts to a women being better than a man? What if I say that men are physically more stronger than an average woman, would that make a man better than a woman? I don't think so.

So the point as you yourself have said is, that it would be a fools task to draw a conclusion about who is perfect, a man or a woman based on their qualities. And Philo, I love to write about controversial topics :)

lol dis dumb bitch should be a comedian for death people. after all she did prove to us how smart she really is. im wondering if the shit for brains read the very top of you blog to understand why the author responded and rebutted the way the author did. Y IS IT OK FOR FEMINIST COCK LOVING SLUTS TO SHARE AND SPEAK LIES AND FILTH ABOUT MEN, BUT WHEN MEN RETALIATE U EXPECT THEM TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP BEING ANTI FEMINIST? COZ U FEMINIST WISH U HAD COCKS DATS WHY. BUT THE END FATE IS YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A CUNT THAT WILL ALWAYS WANT TO BE FUCKED BY A COCK
you dumb bitch you saying woman dont gossip? try and compare sluts gossiping and ruining their friends relationships. how many guys u know that get out of their way to talk shit about another friends girl. to leave him or HER to stop fucking him etc. men do happen to be stronger than chiks. you sluts need your leash shortened from the kitchen to the bedroom. and im sure the blogger put this up against dirty anti male feminist sluts. who are all hypocrites. you hate guys but you love the cock please explain this trivia to me. you will suck cock but you think its disgusting when a guy farts infront of you. wtf mann can we ever satisfy you whores? tell me how many cocks must you try before u find the right guy? dont you know no guy would want an abused stretched thrashed cunt for a wife? and even if they do get married it always ends up as a dead relationship. like i said this post is originally against bias women who hate men. i hate bias women and lezzo's as much as i hate anti female men and gay rats. much peace and love to all the angel women who truly are women. who respect them selves and are loyal to their husbands. seriously peace be with you the world need more woman. not desperate house sluts. or what ever u like wait till 30 to get married and have kids. if you havnt fucked your eggs by then that is.

kara said...

haha i think men and women are the same. there are a ton of stupid guys and girls, and others are smarter. In my head whoever wrote the lady one was kind of stupid, maybe lezbian. I only know one thing for sure...i like men. :D

a girl

Lisa's Loft said...

I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a serious topic but I found it highly amusing and entertaining. Thank you.

newlaunchsingapore said...

For me, men are not totally perfect then women. There are some situations that men are weak, not all the time they are strong. Keep up the wonderful piece of work, I read few blog posts on this site and I think that your website is rattling interesting and has circles of wonderful info.

Minh Lee said...

I think we should say equality between men and women

bedbreakfastdublin.com said...

This has to be one of my favorite posts! And on top of thats its also very helpful topic for newbies

Eclipse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eclipse said...

Wise-man-peek-a-boo! Hmmm... *smirks*... *does the spirit calling and summons Sigmund Schlomo Freud* :P

The Woman whose bullet points lead him to debate implies that the Author lacks maturity in the following ways:

1. Nobody has time to verify this irrelevant claim:- "And I have earned many accolades from women for

my thoughts and views about womanhood in general".... seriously, what does he want to PROVE??

2. How does he even claim himself being neutral, when he mentioned "bollywood movies" (& not any middle

eastern movies/asian movies-[Note: Asian movies are known to have a lot of emotion/art touch to them])?

Has he tried to think "Out Of India?".... pfft!

3. If he is so matured/perfect himself, did it ever cross his mind that there is something called

Individualism & Socialism? He simply cannot hammer on someone's article which looks more or like

Individualistic (but he wants to give a piece of his so-called-mind) & he is even foolish to approach

it from a very wrong view-point(i.e, Socialistic!).



Since am the MAN stating brutal facts, lets ease and end this with a message from WOMEN now!!


And let me give some finishing touches to it. Since the Author has involved the Indian thinking,

including terms like "Bollywood and Mahabharat" .... let me just tackle this in his own terms through

mythological evidences that states, "LORD SHIVA as we see, is actually ARDHANARISHWSARA"


ADIOS BROTHER! PEACE :D Find Love and Harmony where you can and settle there :) God Bless!! No offense :)

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