Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Death Comes Knocking

When Death would come knocking on my door, I would step right out to greet her with a smile on my lips and an embrace of a true lover.

It's a long wait, to be united with her once again. Life lead me to narrow lanes and blind alleys. But there she stood, lifeless, waiting for me at the end of every road. A desire, a yearning of togetherness haunts her. But she would be true, to me, to herself. She would not disappoint me by leaving me alone, she would not fake a smile.

With her icy-cold touch she would set my soul free. She would allure me with her innocent charms. We would travel places where life has no meaning, her faint whisper would put me to rest for eternity. And then we would hum to the tunes of darkness. She and the love of her life. And I would sprinkle the magical golden sands of dream all around her, just to see her gleeful smile.

And then Death, the unloved, the untouchable, would once again be alive in love, my love.

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