Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rochak Chauhan - Unexpectedly Exciting

I know Rochak since my days in EXL when we were working together in the DELL Desktop Support Team as Technical Support Specialists. His is a rags to the riches story. It’s unbelievable how a guy, who used to wash clothes is now the CEO of his own company, DMW Technologies. Not that he used to be a laundry boy, he used to wash his own clothes, all I meant was he was and is a hard working gy, what did you think! Jokes apart, he was always a very helpful tech nerd both inside and outside office. A few days back when I was reading an article that he had put up on his blog, I thought about writing a review of his blog. Would be a nice surprise for him after all the help that he did through all these years of friendship. His blog is called Unexpectedly Exciting. Let us first consider the designing aspect of his blog. Being a developer himself, he has successfully given his blog a Web2.0 look using Wordpress 2.7 as his blogging software. White background, a search box at the top right, easy navigation, easy subscription options, integration of Flickr and the abundant use of Javascript to show the recent posts, recent comment et al has given the blog a unique and uncluttered look. Being the helpful tech nerd he is, and to grow his network, he has used Hab.la to be in touch with his readers and prospective clients. The only minor glitch in his blog is the ad near the top banner which has not been aligned properly.

Now let’s come to the content. He writes on myriad topics which includes politics, to humor, blogging, technology and at times about his pind. And thinking about his off-shore visitors, he has installed a translation widget.

Try out his blog sometime, he has lot’s of classes going on on Web2.0. He also has a number of online tutorials on PHP. I am sure you would find his blog as interesting as he himself is. If you found this review a good read then consider subscribing to my RSS feed to keep yourself updated. And I also do paid reviews, so if you would like me to review your blog/site on The Chronicles of R, feel free to get in touch with me. You would find my contact details on the Contacts page.


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