Monday, January 26, 2009

Monsoon Dreams

Dancing in the Rain
You came out of the theater.
And so did the sudden spat of drizzle,
Out of nowhere.

We were standing in the
Middle of a crowd.
So lonely, only me and you.

I caught your glimpse,
I wanted to steal another.
Just one more glance, a second look.

I walked out of the shade
To drench
In the rain,
In you.
I wanted to drown in those eyes,
They know black magic.
I knew, I was under their spell.

I stretched my arms,
To hold my world, it was falling apart
With joy, in rain. I held my head high
Under the open sky.

I went upto you, saw myself in those eyes.
The stars from the sky,
They were missing. I found them.

I took your hands in mine,
We walked in the rain, your touch
Made me feel real,
It made me realize reality.

And then we danced in the soothing breeze,
We danced to the tune of the drops
Falling, dripping from your dress
Stuck to you,
I was.

And it was a dream,
A dream that would never end.

4 Comment:

Cadence Hart said...

another winner. great piece friend!

Julia Scissor said...

Too much of 'emotional atyachar' (you'd know if you are 'in tune' with the times)on singles.

Lovely picture. Lovelier poem.

Julia Scissor said...

The google translator in your sidebar is awesome. Too good for a non-human translator. I think I'll replace the sad babelfish one in my sidebar with this one.

conanima said...

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