Saturday, January 24, 2009

How To Make Money From Twitter

A few days back I was discussing about 12 most important people on Twitter who you should consider following. Now you might ask why to join Twitter in the first place, I got a thousand and one reasons to preach you on the advantages of using Twitter in getting a steady flow of quality traffic to your site. But for the time being I would tell you one good reason through which you might earn some money by using Twitter.

On 23rd Of January, 2009, i.e. yesterday adCause was launched. Did the name arouse any curiosity? Well, without any further ado let me introduce you to adCause, the advertising medium for Twitter. adCause is the Adsense of Twitter, although it's not from the stable of Google. adCause was the idea of entrepreneur Andy Arnott. It helps businesses connect with Twitter users. And just like bloggers, Twitter users too become publishers, who can make money by displaying relevant ads from those businesses in their Twitter feed.

Publishers create an open ad spot, it tells of the advertiser why they should buy, the duration and ad frequency customization (2 out of 4-10 Tweets is an ad), and of course the price. Your spot can then be seen by advertisers, who, if they like what they see, can pay you via PayPal. Each audience type - publisher or advertiser - has its own dashboard with ad-related info for managing ad buys and current spots.

On the other side, advertisers can search for the right Twitter uses by Twitter name, tag, follower/following numbers, and location. Each search will return available ad spots matching the specified criteria. From that view, advertisers can click to purchase or negotiate a better deal. When a deal is made, the advertiser’s marketing message will automatically start to appear inline in the Twitter stream of the Twitter user in question.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with adCause, create your ad space and start earning from Twitter!

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