Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Configuring Your Custom Domain

Continuing from where we had left earlier, porting to a custom domain for your blog which is being hosted on Blogspot is easy, provided you know how to configure your domain from your domain control panel and associating it with your Blogspot account. Honestly, it took me a day on phone with the tech guys at my domain providers office to figure this out. And since they did not know how Google functions, they said it’s not possible and to do this I need to create an account in Google Apps and blah blah blah. In the end they abandoned all hope and told me in a very polite way to buzz off. So I after an hour or so of R&D, I could finally achieve the seemingly unachievable task. And today you can see the results yourself.

So today I’ll tell you the hardest part, how to configure your domain control panel so that it points to your Blogspot account. For this you need to edit something called a CNAME record from your control panel. A CNAME, the short and technical form of canonical name, record specifies where can a user find your web page, or any URL. It is usually stored within the DNS settings area of your control panel. So let’s login to your control panel and head over to the DNS settings area.

First thing you need to do is to decide whether you want to use any particular subdomain for your blog. For example, you might like to use blog.yourdomain.com instead of www.yourdomain.com. In both the cases you need to associate the record type to CNAME and the address to ghs.google.com. Now according to the subdomain that you want to use for your blog, you need to put the corresponding subdomain name in place of your Host Name. For example, in case of www.yourdomain.com, the Host Name should be www, the Address should be ghs.google.com and the Record Type should be CNAME. All these setting can be found under the DNS settings Host Records area. Once you have successfully modified the settings, save them and log out. Now remember, these setting would take some time to take effect, it may even take 48 hours. So have patience.

This is all you need to do on your Domain control panel. In my next tutorial I would tell you how to configure your Blogspot account to successfully associate it with your custom domain. Now if you face any problem while configuring your domain control panel or setting up your new custom domain, you can always add me on your IM or email me and I would try my level best to help you. You can find my contact details from the Contacts page. And if you really think that this article was helpful, consider sharing it on the different social networking sites using the button below.

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nisha said...

So it was that tough ha? or i should say, rather easy for an extra/multitalented guy like u ;)

Oh btw, i would definitely take your help while i shift my blog to a new domain, if i ever think of it.. hehe.. coz i've worked hard enough and still had to bear all the heart failures with the drop of my pr4 and now i'd like to keep the links intact at least :) ok.. better i stop here or ill keep on blah blah and u will zzzzzzz.. sleeeeeeeep.. hahahaha..

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