Monday, January 12, 2009

The Best of The Chronicles of R in 2008

Here is a collection of articles and poetries from the year 2008 which were highly appreciated by the readers of The Chronicles of R.

Body Paint Your Blog
This article is about how to add a zeal to the look of your blog.

Making Love To You
A highly appreciated poetry, it depicts the love making scene of a couple in a very delicate way. Although it might sound vulgar, yet this poetry uses imageries of lush green mountains to give it a soothing effect.

Dancing Waters
Another highly appreciated poetry. The Dancing Water means elixir of life in Arabic.

The Raven Couple
The letter written by a divorced man to his ex-wife where he compares the lives of human, and it's follies with that of a raven couple which has a nest on a tree beside his house. A very heart warming tale of fiction.

Finding Forrester
This was done as an experiment to see the outcome of writing poetry without giving yourself the time to think. This was tried in the movie Finding The Forrester and is based on the streams of consciousness.

A burning question which had been asked to every man alive, "are you man enough to respect a woman?". A must read article related to the New Year incident in Mumbai.

Rooms And Dreams Of A Fairy
A romantic poetry where imagination meets reality.

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