Saturday, January 03, 2009


Not everyday one gets to be called an angel by an angel, not everyday one gets to see a beautiful smile on a beautiful face, not everyday one gets to become a reason for that smile.

We were a small company situated on Main Street of the small town of Salems’ Lot, Maine. There were hardly a dozen of us and sale was pretty low. But somehow we managed. Sometimes the tourists dropped by during summer and it gave us enough to sustain throughout the year.

It was a damp Wednesday morning, the rain had washed away the streets since the night before. When I went inside the office the first thing that I noticed was Joyce, sitting by her cubicle with a heavy face. Joyce and I have been working here since the beginning, and she was my darling. We sort of belonged to eachother. You know, how some people are very close to eachother without being in love.

When I went upto her, I noticed the dried tears on her cheeks. She mustn’t have slept since last night, and I think I already knew the reason why. Still I asked her what happened and it was as if she was waiting for me. She broke down into tears while holding onto me. It was Ben, he finally had gone to New York with high hopes in his mind, leaving Joyce behind. I tried to console her but somehow I could feel the immense pain inside her.

The rain had started again with an occasional boom of thunder. By the afternoon Joyce had composed herself a little, yet I knew what was going on inside her. She was much like my Siamese twin, at times I could feel the pain she was going through. So, in spite of the shower I knew I had to go out. By the end of the day when it was time to leave, I called Joyce to my cubicle and I gifted her the flower she like the most. And although it was nearly drenched like I was, still I did my level best to preserve it till the end of the day for her, just for her. Cause I knew she liked them, she had told me once when we went up the hills last summer. It was a purple colored Rhododendron. A real beauty of nature, like her. Although the last time we could not get it because it was at a very high slope and was quite unreachable, yet I had to risk it even in this bad weather. Because I had to make someone smile.

The expression on her face changed the instant she saw the flower in my hands. And although I knew the pain was still there, yet the flower had helped her push it out of her mind for sometime. Till that time when she would be able to accept those bitter facts with ease. But for now she was happy, and she was smiling. And it was as if there was a relief in the office. Everyone loved Joyce, although not like me, still everyone liked my Joyce. She gave me a hug and kissed me on my cheek and said, “You know Jim, you are an angel”. When I jokingly told her that I had two wings missing, she said “You would find them, I am sure you would find them some day”.

The day came and it passed away. And I have been searching for my missing wings since then and it’s 30 years now but I haven’t found them yet. Although I should have, since the next day I died in a car accident. And here I am today, in this place which I think is what we knew as heaven. No, I never had to wear a white robe and play harp all day. Here, you get to make your own heaven. How you imagine your world, that would become your heaven. So here I am, in my personal Heaven. And although I have forgotten almost everyone, I still couldn’t forget Joyce. Because we still belonged to eachother.

[ This is my first lame attempt in writing a short story, and although all the story is completely a work of fiction someone did call me an angel once. And this is a tribute to her. And I know Ms J that the peck on the cheek was way more than what we had shared, but that's what I call creative liberty. And here I stick my tongue out to you :P ]

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its really nice..esp the way u started it - "not everyday"...

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