Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Revolutionary Idea From Google

In the beginning of 2006, during the month of April/May, Google introduced another revolutionary idea in the field of advertising. Not that it's something new from Google, but this thing was indeed mentionable. Google introduced Video Ads.

They are some key points about Google Video Ads. Since Google hosts the videos and the ads are user-initiated, these Video Ads don't slow down your site/blog. Moreover, these Video Ads appear as static images on your page until the user click on the "Play" button. So these ads are not intrusive at all. Now while lengths of these ads may vary, some Video Ads may be up to 2 minutes long. And although you can click on the ads which you have placed on your own page, according to Google:

"...you can watch the videos appearing on your site by clicking on the "Play" button--this will not affect your reports. However, please do not click on the advertiser's URL, or on the ad itself, which will also bring you to the advertiser's site. Clicking on the ad or URL could generate invalid clicks on your account and inflate advertiser costs."
- Official Adsense Blog
Inspite of all these features, somehow people have not quite used Google Video Ads to it's full potential. So, I would later discuss how to create/setup Video Ads for your site/blog so that Google Ads become more accessible to the commercial/professional bloggers.

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