Thursday, January 22, 2009

12 People You Should Follow On Twitter

Twitter Icons with Attitude
Today was pretty hectic for me, almost throughout the day I was doing Rn'D with my template to create a 3-colomn footer. Thankfully, my efforts never went in vain. With a few more tweaks I would be able to get my own 3-colomn footer with it's own CSS. Now in the past couple of days I developed a sort of obsession for Twitter. So I thought why not discuss a few things about Twitter and how it can be a good source of traffic for your site. So here is the first installment.

Twitter is a popular microblogging and social networking service that allows you to send an update, better known as a Tweet, which are text based posts within a limit of 140 characters. Although you can send URLs in your Tweets too. These updates are posted on your profile page and can be viewed by other users who have chosen to receive your updates, these users are called your Followers. Although you can restrict the delivery of these Tweets within a close circle of friends by changing the security settings. Your Followers can also receive these updates without logging into the Twitter site through different media. For example, they can receive these updates via RSS, SMS, emails, or through 3rd party applications such as Facebook, Tweterrific etc.

Twitter was founded by Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey as a Rn'D project inside Odeo in March 2006. Odeo was a San Fransisco based podcasting company and was co-founded by Evan who is also known as Ev. Both Ev and Biz are regular Twitters and you can Follow them as well, just don't get disheartened when then don't reply to your messages directed towards them, they get thousands of those in a day.

I had already mentioned a very strange yet useful advantage of using Twitter in my earlier post. Now let's say you have created an account in Twitter and would like to Follow someone, who should it be. Well, of course you can Follow your own circle of friends and vice-versa but apart from then there are a few more people who I would suggest you to Follow as well. Remember, I am discussing Twitter as a mean to attract readers, not just for plain social networking.

The two people who are a must on this list are of course Ev and Biz, you would receive updates on Twitter downtime, new products and other related news along with their personal conversations. Then if you have a blog/site which publishes breaking news to it's readers, then following BNO News is a must. Very recently during the plane crash at the Hudson Bay river, the news of the crash was on Twitter even before the media was on the site! You can also follow CNN Breaking News for more updates on the same.

If you are into researching new hacks for Blogger then I would suggest you to follow Annie and Amanda. Although Amanda is not quite regular on Twitter, Annie is a very nice person and quite regular on Twitter. She would follow you on most cases, and you can ask her for help on Blogger related hacks. On most occasions she would reply back with a suggestion. Then you can follow Technorati and Blogger for their updates.

If you are interested in Google related products, then it would be a nice idea to follow Matt Cutt. More often than not, you would get an inside scoop of what's going on in Google. In case you are fascinated by technological advances which is not bound to Google, try following Robert Scoble. He would give you updates throughout the day which was simply invaluable. For more technology related news you can follow Pete Cashmore.

You can follow God on Twitter. Yes, there is an account called God, follow it and get hilarious updates from Him. And last but not the least, you can follow me for regular updates on various topics. Twitter has an interesting way of replying or addressing a person, you need to put an "@" sign and then their username. For example, if you would like to reply to me you need to begin your Tweet with @rajtilak and then your message, and if you want to say something like "This was a nice article, thanks to Rajtilak that I found it" you need to type it as "This was a nice article, thanks to @rajtilak that I found it". So if you wish to follow me do leave your username and a small description on what you do and why you want to follow me and I would try to add you on my Twitter network.

So enjoy your Twidventure, and in the next installment I would write about how to build more traffic using Twitter.

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Kelley Ann Hornyak said...

Great article. Very thorough background info. I've been using Twitter for a while now, but only recently did I start using it correctly. If you really want to network and keep people interested in what you're doing, you of course have to be interested in what they are doing too.

Those @replies let people know that you're actively following what they do, and that also gives their followers a chance to find you on Twitter too.

Microblogging is the same as regular blogging in one particular way--you still do not want to waste your reader's time. You want to say something that could potentially be of value to them, whether it's for news, for entertainment value, or whatever the case may be.

I've found that using an app like twhirl is tremendously helpful. I don't pay for unlimited text messaging on my phone, and even if I did, it would be really cumbersome to follow the large amount of people that I do using my current cell phone. Twhirl solves that, and makes @replies and re-tweets so much simpler.

I am definitely hooked on Twitter, and I'm glad that you joined the rest of us there too!

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Kelley : Thank you Kelley. I am on Twitter for not more than a week or so and already I am addicted. And I am getting a good flow of traffic too. It's simply great.

aninda said...

U got me hooked this time ..hope it works wonders for me hehhehe thanks again

Julia Scissor said...

Who would have thought the search for God would end at Twitter? :p

Deepi said...

Great post ! In-depth study must say! :-)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Deepi : Thank you.

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