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10 Ways to Buy Your Happiness

"Are you unhappy in life, or maybe with life? Then read ahead and buy your happiness." Did that sound like a spam from some sleazy company selling you Viagra? Well, I am not selling Viagra, neither am I selling happiness for that matter. But I am telling you about some ideas which you can put into reality in your life to earn a bout of happiness. But most of these suggestive requires you to spend some money, maybe in little amount but it does. So that explains that odd heading of buying your happiness.

Now, most of these are personally tested under supervised condition by yours' truly. Some of them are the result of years of companionship with eminent personalities like Freud and Jung. And some of them were collected from well known human resources. These suggestive are both for men and women, although some of them are exclusively for women and some for men. Why this discrimination you may ask? Well, men and women don't think alike, so they won't define happiness in the same way. But if you are one of those adventurous sorts, you can go ahead and try all.

So without any further ado, I present you the 10 most easiest ways to buy yourself happiness.

1. Write : Write whatever you feel like, you don't need to be a Milton or Rushdie to write. But there is a condition, don't think while you are writing. Write the first thing that comes to your mind. It's a trick called streams of consciousness. It had been mastered by many famous persona in the not so distant past, one of them being my favorite poet T.S.Elliot. You would be able to find it's hint in his famous poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. But to write buy a good pen and writing pad, believe me it enhances your quality of writing. And moreover, always remember, what you are writing is important because you are important.

2. Visit a Shopping Mall : I am not asking you to spend thousands shopping in a mall, not even am I asking you to go for window shopping. Just visit a shopping mall and head for the top floor, but don't jump off from there. Trust me life is worth living every bit of it, even with those seemingly unsolvable problems. You would get a good view of the shopping mall from there, now simply watch. Watch the faces of the people, so happy, so carefree. Do you think they don't have problems? They do, everyone does. However happy they may seem from their outer appearance. But once you are in a crowded place you simply fall in the groove, you know something like the collective intelligence. But for this you need to spend some money on a cab and visit the shopping mall. Why a cab? Well, again just to make you feel important.

3. Gifts : So what do you like? Do you like to read, do you like to dress well, or do you like that red-colored wind chime? Whatever you like buy yourself one. But don't just take it back home in a lame plastic bag provided to you from the store. Ask them to gift-wrap it for you, and when you return home, get a good shower and then open the gift as if it had been sent to you from someone else.

4. Pamper : Now this is mostly for women but as I had said already, if you think this suits your taste then go ahead and try it. Go to a Beauty Parlor and go for a facial and a haircut. For men, you can try shaving that mustache and/or beard. The key point is look different, bring a change. Life, even for the most adventurous sorts, sometimes become mundane. During those times you need a change. You must have heard this a thousand times about your bedroom life, but it also works for your personal life. And in the end of the beauty regimen, look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate your beauty.

5. Go Nude : Well, this might come as a shock but I am not asking you to roam around naked in the city. Just take a shower, and look at yourself in a life size mirror, sans clothes. And like before, appreciate yourself. You don't look good? So what, not everyone is born with a stunning face. Beauty is skin deep, try to see beyond that face. That's the reason I am asking you to look at yourself in the mirror all alone, so that you don't have anyone to judge you. You are a human being, you are not supposed to be judged, no one has the ability to judge you cause no one would understand you like the way you understand yourself. So look at those dark khol laden eyes and see how deep they travel. Try to look at your soul in the mirror. Now for this you would have to spend a cash and get yourself a life size mirror. But it's worth the happiness and peace that you find afterwards, isn't it?

6. Fuzz Therapy : What, you haven't heard about the fuzz therapy? You mean you have never read Calvin and Hobbes? Then you surely have missed a good part of the fun. Get a giant size stuffed toy and hug it when you feel unhappy, rub your face in it's tummy and you are bound to feel better. But don't just think of it as a stuffed toy, think of it as a friend. Use your imagination, give it a name.

7. Socialize : If you can visit a club, nothing better than that. In case you are too busy but have access to the internet, create and account on Orkut. No, I am not sponsoring Orkut. But it is the most safest and easiest site to use. And I am saying this even after the big hullabaloo about how unsafe Orkut was and how people prayed into your personal lives through a harmless webpage. You see, what you do there is your own responsibility. No one can force you to give out your personal number, no one can force you to post your picture, no one can force you to meet him/her personally if you don't want to. So be responsible, the same way you are responsible while you are driving your car, and socialize. Make new friends who share the same interests. Interact with them. But don't forget, it's better to let what is virtual to remain virtual and then it would be worth all the fun. And trust me, talking always helps.

8. Music : You have also heard this a thousand times that music heals, but whenever you buy one of those CDs which promises to help you meditate you feel as if you just lost a couple of hundreds in a gamble. Why do you feel that way, is there something wrong with you? No, those CDs are not even worth a dime. Instead buy a Jagjit Singh, a Ghulam Ali or maybe Mozart, Tchaikovsky or maybe Floyd. Then simply turn on that bedroom light, open the windows, put on the music in a low volume and look out and gaze into the sky.

9. Go For a Vacation : Yes, go out. Take time out for yourself. Go somewhere and spend a week. Don't make it hectic like your daily life, enjoy the beauty of nature. Feel like you are a part of it, and these serenity was made for you. Just for you. Enjoy the sea-side or the peaceful mountains.

10. Share the Warmth : Last but not the least. Get your favorite book (doesn't matter if you have read it a thousand times), make yourself warm and cozy on the sofa, get a cup of hot fuming coffee and enjoy!

Most of these suggestive are safe to try on. But still, be responsible in what you do. Remember, you are important. So make yourself feel important, and pamper yourself. You deserve it.

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Anonymous said...

All this while I thought attainment of happiness is the most difficult thing..yet when I read this one..it appears so simple so easy to be happy.

Though you could have added another point to this beautiful piece-Doing something for someone without any selfish interest makes us eternally happy,like buying chocolates for a street kid or feeding biscuits to a stray dog..what say?

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Anonymous : Well Jinia, I am glad that you liked what I wrote. Thank you for your comment. And you are right in saying buying something for others too can at times bestow upon us a quick spell of happiness, I don't know how I missed it though. But thank you for reminding it to me. May this new year brings loads of happiness in your life.

Priya said...

I liked the post..the concept of fuzz therapy was new to me as I am not a Calvin Hobbes fan...

P.S You should be a column writer

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Priya : Thank you for your complements :)

Calli said...

Rajtilak~ Thank you so much for your recent visit to my art website and blog. Your comment in my guest book was very kind.

I enjoyed reading your blog! It is uplifting and you such wonderful and positive energy in your writing!

seher's shenanigans said...

very on the spot!
nice post :)

pooja said...

nice ..the thing to note is the list consists of the simplest things , if u see. may be simplicity is required to erase the complexities
i totally agree with the "pampering" part :D

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Calli : Thank you for visiting my humble abode :)

@Seher : Thank you.

@Pooja : The main point if you notice is to make you feel important, or in other words to uplift your morale. I have left the psychobabble out of it and put it in the simplest terms.

Madhu said...

You know what...I actually do practise quite a few of these "ways to buy happiness" esp the reatail therapy bit (tho I never got my stuff gift wrapped...next time I will) and going to a beauty parlour and the best one which works for me is the reading a book one. Nothing like getting lost in the world of fiction to distract yourself from the rigours of the immediate present ....I think I will try the fuzz therapy bit...thats a new one

Agnesian said...

I am definitely goin' to invest my time in Happiness shopping. lol

Thanks for the link. :)

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