Thursday, January 08, 2009

10 Reasons To Start Your Own Blog

1. Global Audience : Well, it sure one of the most important factors to be considered. If you are advertising on any media other than on the internet then probably you are catering to some particular region. But if you hook yourself up the internet you would be able to reach anywhere, anytime.

2. Save Your Ass : Daniel Scocco from DailyBits.com said, a student journalist James Earl was arrested by Egyptian police for photographing an anti-government demonstration. He just had time to send one word from him cellphone – “ARRESTED”. That’s all it took to get him free. His phone was connected to Twitter, and his words reached his friend in US through that. And within no time they informed the US Embassy, his home University of Berkeley and the Associated Press. Now can you imagine the reach of microblogging!

3. Encouragement : I do get lots of encouragement when my readers comments on my blog. A friend of mine, Winston Rand had written in his introduction –

“I still do this for me, but it is the feedback, your comments and critiques, that fuel the fires to keep me striving to be better at what I do here.”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s your comments what keeps us, blogger’s moving ahead, to keep writing. So if you have thought that no one wants to read what you write, start your blog and once the comments starts flowing in, there would be no dearth of enthusiasm.

4. Place to Gain Insight : Google have very recently introduced Friends Connect for blogs and websites. Blogging would help you to socialize as you can reach out to the global audience. You can get their opinion, views, reviews and gain lots of insight about the topic your writing is focused on.

5. Anonymity : If you are one of those shy guys who does not love to be in the limelight, or you want to discuss or debate over some burning issue like whether our celebrities should have Ishabgool with Ganga water at night before going off to sleep so that we don’t have to get the news on our news channels on whether they succeeded in their late age potty training, you can always use the help of a blog. It would help you maintain your anonymity, yet you would get the machinery moving.

6. Questions : Do you have an answer to a question? Do you want to share it with the world? What can be a better way than to put the answer on your blog! There are lots of sites like Yahoo! Answers, through which users gets to ask questions they are trying to find answers to, now once these search engines start crawling your blog it would simply guide the user to your blog for his/her answer. Imagine people all over the world landing up on your blog to find answers to their question, doesn’t that sound exciting?

7. Promote Your Business : Well, you got a global audience at your reach, free of cost. What else you need to promote your business! The best part about blogging is that most of the blogging tools are available free of cost. You don’t even need to know about the technological gibberish of what goes on behind the scene, all you need to do is setup your blog and start posting.

8. Hobby : It can be a simple hobby if nothing else. If you have time to kill, nothing can be more productive than blogging.

9. Capture Your Thought Process : Most of us carry our laptops these days wherever we go. It has become more or less like our cellphones. Say you are traveling to an exotic place and want to share it with someone, capture the moment and put it up on your blog. Isn’t that a wonder!

10. Recession : Here comes commercial blogging. If you are rendered jobless due to recession, try out commercial blogging. Although it would take lots of time and patience, because it takes a long time before the greens actually start to flow in. But once it does, there no stopping to it. A few days back I wrote an article on 10 Ways To Buy Your Happiness, you can use this extra cash to buys your happiness too. And you would be smiling unlike other even in the tough times of recession.

So are you ready to start your own blog? I hope you have got your reasons. If you have some other reasons mind sharing it with me through your comments? And if you liked this article, consider subscribing to The Chronicles of R.


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nisha said...

Hmmm.. Yeah we need comments.. encouragement, motivation and lots of love from our fellow bloggers :)

Thanks for being there.. :)

Rochak Chauhan said...

Well Buddy I think you forgot one reason...

You can monetize your blog using Google Ads. ;)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Nisha : Thanks for your comments :)

@Rochak : So, finally you commented on my blog! Well, how can I forget Adsense, it's my bread earner for the time being remember? It's covered in the Recession point :)

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