Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mumbai 26/11

Check out the WTF news of the day:

But Kasav is given enough to sustain him. Breakfast comprises tea and five slices of bread; lunch is five rotis, dal, sabji, yoghurt and papad; there is afternoon tea and dinner is rice, dal, chana-masala and papad.

If this is what you need to sustain then why is the average Indian not getting this? Who gave the right to these politicians to waste the tax-payer's money to feed him a King's supper? Why is he so important to us that we are making news out of him and in a way giving him the same limelight for which they did this bastardly act! Some people might say that we can gather information out of Kasav, I say what information? There whereabouts? And what then? We had all the information from intel even before these terrorists came down to India, what did these politicians do with those information? Some went on to form new coalition, some went on to solve domestic problems, some went on to suggest forming of a central force (as if we would attain moksha by constituting a central force) and some just wiped their nose with that intel report and slept over it while Mumbai burnt.

For quite some time we have howled and cried over the fact that how shameless these politicians are, and how they need to do this and how they need to do that. Yet we have failed to notice that how shameless we have become over the centuries that we have stopped protesting against these politicians. Have we forgotten that it was not these big names which got us our freedom? It was those nameless faces that got us freedom, and if we can do it then we can do it now. We can and should drag these politicians down to the street and make them live the life of an ordinary man so that they can feel what fear of life is, what pain is. It was not any of these politicians or their families which were destroyed in the Mumbai massacare, it was us, the ordinary citizen of India who suffered, who were killed. Had it been any of these politicians been attacked then we would have seen actions being taken against these terrorists. Mr Manmohan Singh, it's very easy to talk about forming central forces and blah, blah, blahs when you get to ride a bullet proof hooter attached vehicle guarded by dozens of security, come down to the street once and then we would listen to your big-talks. But it's us who needs to remind these politicians that they cannot just get away by holding meetings and forming useless agendas and coalitions, they also need to act!

Now coming to the forming of a central force of defense, how on earth would you explain your incapabilities as a Prime Minister when the commandos were sent late because they were not given their choppers that they had demanded, would that incapability vanish into thin air just if you form a central force? How would you define your inabilities as a Prime Minister when your ministers failed to heed to the warning of intel, would just reshuffling the cabinet suffice? You could not figure out how incompetent these ministers were until Mumbai 26/11 occurred, so would you wait for another mishap to see whether these new set of ministers are equally incompetent or are they even worse than their predecessors? If you want to try out this trial-and-error method with us, the citizens of India being the victims every time while you sleep peacefully night after night then better come down to the streets with us, sans all the grandeur that you enjoy being a Prime Minister and then you are free to try out anything, be it forming a central force of defense or reshuffling the cabinet. And what about the Robin Hood of the Marathi manoos, why is the Robin Hood so silent? Why haven't we heard anything from him? But as we already know that no news is always good news, so he is better shut up than talking his usual crap.

Netizens, we as a responsible citizen of India can make a lot of difference. I still believe that the pen is mightier than the sword, that's why the Government tries to hush up the media first during these kind of mishaps. So write, if you have a blog, write a post protesting these grotesques butchering of India and it's citizen by our neighboring country while we keep on ranting about peace talks with them. If you have a social network account, be it Orkut, Facebook, MySpace or anything, inform your friends to voice their concern against not only these terrorists but also against these corrupt politicians. Cause remember, it's your country and it's you who is responsible for saving it. And this is time you start it all by yourself, else you never know but the next victim of this blind jihad might be someone from your family.

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Anupama Kondayya said...

In the end it is always the common man who suffers...and he will continue to till the day the politicians realize that they are our representatives and as common as us rather than rulers...anyway, all we can do is keep the faith...thats what keeps us alive.

Nice post that definitely calls for action!

Chanchal Roychoudhury said...

In the face of this tide of anger against the neighboring nation, it would only be proper and prudent to go with the tide. But this quote of Gandhi, that opens the film 'Black Friday', one of the most well-shot films on this side of the millennium, keeps coming back to me: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." It will be easy to take hasty decisions, but we must not forget terrorists are made, not born. Go for the jugular of the fundamentalists, not the scape-goats like Kasab.

aninda said...

I think it has a lot to do with us indians having the mentality
"chal raha hain chalta rahega- too laid back about everything " .. this has brought us to a phase where we ourselves allow others to butcher us n then laugh at us .. while we look for support . Its High time we indians do a lil of self pruning n repair ...if one is weak within no wonder one would be bullied ..

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