Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ms J - Part I

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you remember Susie, Susie Derkins? In case you don't this is the same girl that Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) simply "loathes", needless to say that the "feeling" is mutual. Well, the reason I am sharing this with you is because a few days back I met my own, personal, fully customized Susie Derkins. I call her Ms J. And as expected she had already passed on some complements for yours' truly.

To begin with I was called a "joker". No no, not the Heath Ledger one. I am sure she meant one of those cute, mushy types that girls simply love to play with. Ok, that last part was an exaggeration, girls don't play with jokers, they play with Barbies. But yes, she certainly never meant me to be the nemesis of Batman. And why was I honored with this noun? Well, I made the mistake of saying Happy instead of Harry in Tom, Dick and Harry. Isn't it heartwarming? This is one the best complement that I have ever received in my life. And I was grinning head to toe when I heard this. Why not, I mean one of the sweetest girl on the face of this earth called me by a cute name. And imagine that that was just the beginning. And since then she's been flooding my chat boxes with such flowery associations.

Now I am writing this to let you know Ms J that I too hate you a lot, much like Calvin hates Susie. Thanks for those complements. They are most precious to me.

Mr Nautanki

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Wait for part 2

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