Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ms J - Part II

Once again last night, I was overwhelmed with the flurry of emotional outburst of Ms J. Now I am in a real confusion as to whether to take "joker" as the best compliment of my life or not. Cause what Ms J had told me last night is way better than that ladies and gentlemen.

Last night I was rechristened as an angel! Yes, even I could not believe my ears when I heard it the first time. Me, an angel! So what I knew was true, those horns on my head were indeed there to hold the halo straight. I should also have wings then, can't see them though. But never mind that, being called an angel by the most sweetest girl on earth is far more touching that having a pair of fluffy wings. All they would do is to contribute to some insufferable itches.

Jokes apart, I am glad Ms J that I could make you smile for the first time last night. I would really be grateful to you if you let me be with you, forever.

Hugs and Kisses,
( Don't worry, I have brushed my teeth twice and have used the deodorant abundantly )
Mr Nautanki

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