Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Magic of Touch


"And I´d give up forever to touch you
´Cause I know that you feel me somehow"
-- Iris, City of Angels, Goo Goo Dolls
Touch, one of the most recherché gifts that God has bestowed upon us. It’s a blessing of God in disguise. Although many of us, guys and men specially, do not discern it’s faculties, yet it’s magic can be felt in our everyday life.

A touch can help create bonds/liaisons, it can mend broken relationships, it can heal, it can nurture and above all it can express your love for the person you are touching. With a simple touch you can feel her emotions for you, her feelings for you. You can feel the warmth inside your beloved. You can feel the passion, the burning passion that she has for you. And at the same time, a touch can also show how much you care for her.

Have you ever considered the fact that a touch is always a two way feeling. When you touch someone, you also get to be touched by her. She can also feel your emotions, your feelings, your passion for her. Nothing is better than a simple tender touch to help grow and nurture a relationship, specially the ones which are at the nascent stage and needs lots of care, love and affection for it to grow in a healthy relationship.

A touch does not always have to be with your hands. You can touch her the way you want to, of course not in any indecent manner which would only help you get a closer look at her stilettos. Maybe while you are walking together you brush your elbow on a part of her body, or let’s say on a rainy afternoon both of you hold the umbrella together with your hands on her’s. Have you noticed how a person blushes when he/she is kissed by their beloved, that too is a magic of touch. Unfortunately this does not work for me, cause I turn purple when I blush.

A touch is a very powerful and expressive way to show your love. You do need to touch her to make her feel special. Not only her body, but her soul. You need to touch her heart, with your heart. So go and explore the magic of touch, in this journey of a lifetime, together.

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nisha said...

Awesome post!! It really touches the soul to the core :).. Surely a touch is a feeling one can feel from the outside and from within too, not just by skin but by heart too :)

So where did you get the inspiration to write about a touch ;)..

Keep writing buddy, we are always there to support and encourage you. You rock!

Nisha :)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Nisha : Thank you Nisha. Well, it's true that there is lot more to love than just a touch. But those would come later, with time. Where do I get my inspirations? Why, life of course! It's just that I see things people don't :)

Butterfly said...

You know something, you write really well.:-)

This post touched my heart and in this case, your words created the magic of touch. So, I guess, we can feel the magic of touch in mnay ways...When we read a story, we can understand it better if we touch the book with our hands. The feeling is less when we read it on the computer screen without being able to touch the book.:-)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Butterfly : Thank you, your comment was really touching :)

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