Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Journey With R

Who is R? The question that have intrigued my constant readers and some of my closest friends over and over again. Is R real? Is R a fiction? Is R a dream? Is R my love interest? Is R a human being? Does R's feet still trod the face of this earth? Well, these were just a few of the questions that I was faced with every time the topic of R came in our. But when the topic came up while I was discussing my writing with Sandip a few weeks back, and I felt a sudden urge to let the world to know who or what is R. So, here it is. R, at her best.

R is real. She's not just a figment of my imagination, although it's true that R is my dream. Confusing? Let me explain. How do you define reality? Many people would define something to be real only if they can get grasp it with their hands. Now let me ask you a question, do you dream when you sleep? You can't catch your dreams, does that mean that your dreams are not real? It's somewhat like the Heisenberg theory, you cannot say the moon exist when you are not looking at it except it this case we are talking about R and not the moon.

I am a dream, even though I do exist in reality. I am R's dream. Many people find it difficult to accept the sublime, they find it difficult to dream dreams that are dreamt with our eyes wide open. For them it's an atrocity, cause they love to stand on their feet held firmly on the grounds of reality. So for them I gave R a name, I gave R her vital statistics, I gave R everything a real woman might have. But still, her ethereal existence remained. I guess that's what makes R more charming, cause R is a fiction in reality and vice versa.

A few days back, another friend of mine told me why don't I find some other alphabet like "S". I have been engaged romantically with other alphabets too, I have been with S, I have been with M, I have been with A, I have been with C and with a few other consonants. But they were all R to me. R is not just an am alphabet Darling! R is a poem. R is a song. A song that my heart keeps on humming. This song is very sweet, serene, soothing, melodious, amorous, enigmatic, consistent, chimerical, surprising. Something like the pitter-patter of the raindrops on a crowded sidewalk. Some people don't hear it even though some like me can die many deaths to sing it forever. R is unique, yet R is in everybody.

I maybe the creator of R, but R has her own existence. Her mood, her thoughts, habits, attitude, ego are not restrained or dominated by me. I am not an authoritative figure in her life. R has an existence of her own for which she does not owe me anything. So you can safely conclude that R is not my alter ego. R feels, R hates, R loves and R pouts. And so today I am giving R her own voice too. I am too mundane a person to speak for her. So now, I'll let R complain, and love too.

R is a melodious journey. It's the journey of a lifetime together. The destination of which is the doll. And the destined ones are the players. And what they play in the basking sun with their colorful dreams is the game we all know yet find it too ambitious and onerous at the same time. It's the game of love.

I Love you R.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee
[ I owe a lot to Sandip to give me enough courage for this. ]

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Sunrita said...

Your blog looks even prettier now,
With a dark blue background, it seems as if it is snowing on a lazy winter evening...and u r gazing out of a glass window lost in random thoughts...good :) Thumbs up...

drizzle_ch2000 said...

I find no suitable word to offer u
accolades for ur triumph to establish the real entity of "R". So "R" is more of reality and sometimes it is in your so called dreams."R" is uncertain in her existence but she has a certain place in ur thought process. Thank u friend for reavealing "R".

Suparna said...

I find no suitable words to offer
u accolades for ur triumph to establish the real entity of "R".
"R" is more of reality but sometimes it resides in ur dreams.
"R" is uncertain but surely has a
certain place in ur thought process.Thank u friend for revealing "R" before us.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Sunrita : Thank you for coming over to my little abode, you can make yourself comfortable over there on the sofa by the fire. While I take a look out into the snowy evening, and not just look out into the evening but into it. With a zealous gleam in my eyes. Make yourself comfortable and you might find something of interest here :)

@Suparna : Thank you for your comments. Just a note for you, if you place "love" instead of R, you would know the meaning of love. That is the actual solace in knowing R. Know R, know love, no R, no love :)

Nimisha said...

You always manage to invoke emotions, that i can't put a name to, with your R posts. :)

And bingo! You sure do have good memory :) I had not been a very good blogger (maybe cuz i stopped thinking back then :P) but now that I am back to life reviving this only came naturally. :)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Nimisha : It's so good to see you back girl. It's always such a waste if you stop writing, you know why? Because the clouds of thoughts and those rarest emotions would still cloud your mind, but it won't rain on these pages.

Thank you so much for your complements. These are what makes the dreamer in me keep going :)

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