Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Birthday Girl

The Chronicles of R is about to celebrate it's 1st birthday. The official post for The Chronicles of R is dated 25th of December, 2007 and it's almost a year now since I started this journey alongside R.

It had been quite a journey with it's unusual ups and downs. Sometimes R seemed too distant to touch whence sometimes she melted in my arms. Sometimes she was sitting right in front of me, sometimes R seemed just like an illusion. And although it may seem like it yet I must tell you that I have not reached the heights of Twain-ism yet, rather I had quit smoking and boozing altogether.

The truth is, in a way I am afraid for R to find me, I'm afraid to know what would she say to me, what would she think of me. Wouldn't she loathe me seeing how ordinary I am? Wouldn't she abhor such a mundane life? Or would she simply hold my hand and command me to take her to the moon? I am skeptical about finding R. So I have left the option to her to find me. I am like an Ogre. No, I don't mean to say that I stink, what I mean is that I have layers. Let R unfold them, gradually. Just like I have unfolded her emotions, her pain, her tears, her laughter, her sarcasm.

I would leave it upto R to find me.

[Picture courtesy Sandip]

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Anonymous said...

i knew this beforehand; that this picture is sourced from Sandip only!!! :)

i have given u a score of OK...since i do feel a complete absence of that intense passion; which is the earmark of ur writing....forgive me if i'm sounding harsh....

a more matured style of writing....
master da

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Master Da : There is no forgiveness for a critic. Cause it's you and people like you who gives me the inspirations to write.

You are correct in saying that the intense passion is missing in this piece. But there is a reason behind it. Haven't you ever seen the sea resting peacefully and calmly before a storm? This is the same phase that I am going through. In the next few days you would see a flurry of emotion through my writing.

And this time I would be honest to my readers, to myself and to R.

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