Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lost - The Final Chapter

This is my last post as a poet. I am sorry to say but I have lost the poet in me, I guess I have lost the dreamer too. Now, I am only an ordinary human being. I really had a lovely time with all of you, my constant readers. But I don't have anything for you anymore. Without R there is no Chronicles of R. Wish you all the happiness in life R, wherever you are, with whoever you are. This is for all of you, my last poem.

Lost - The Final Chapter

Over the years it had happened.
And today, when I looked at myself
In the mirror, I saw that I had lost
Myself in your love. I have lost me.

They say an innocence lost can
Never be regained. Maybe one day
While walking through the busy streets
I would meet myself once again.

Maybe I would see him standing
Right in front of me. That day once again
I would laugh, that day once more
I would smile. That day we would sit
Together over a fuming cup of coffee,
I and my "me". And we would chat
About sweet nothingness, about
Fallen Angels. And maybe, just maybe
I would live once more.

I love you R. Ami tomake bhalobashi.

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Fali said...

i totally identify with the poem! :)

F250 Guy said...

Amrao tomake bhalobasi, keep it up buddy , we will be waiting for your next poetry. Sometimes it takes an effort to dream, just wait for it....

Anupama Kondayya said...

Loved the poem but hate it that the poet wants to stop writing...I believe a hurt or broken heart has the capability to express even tragedy beautifully...as has a happy heart...hope you will find your 'you' soon and write again...

nisha said...

Oh my god! this wasnt the last right?? i and 'me' and coffee?? and you dream just like me! hehehe.. and btw when u find that 'me'.. please let me know :)

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