Thursday, September 04, 2008

Some Latest Trends in SEO

[Posted by Chris Hart]

Other than keyword optimization, SEO requires different optimization techniques some of which includes image optimization, text optimization, flash optimization etc. It is also a part of on-site optimization.

Geographic optimization is another SEO technique which is implemented on-demand basis. It's achieved mainly using a method called geo-tagging. With geographic optimization a webpage or website is included in search engine listings specifically for users who search for services in a purticular geographical region, county, state or area.

Social bookmarking is the latest trend in the SEO market. Today there are thousands of social media sites that would help you to promote your site by providing you with a do-follow backlink, by allowing you to create your own community related to your blog and other similar things. These helps in improving your link popularity and also helps in achieving some quality traffic.

As the search engine algorithms are getting more sophisticated everyday, new SEO techniques are coming in picture. Of course, human brain is there to beat its own algorithms. We just need to do the best and be a part of this race and latest trends. Competition is there to stay and grow. All the best!

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