Monday, September 29, 2008

Muse V

[ Palmer Adisa]

Call me nymphomaniac
Call me obsessive woman
Call me neurotic
Call me a fool
Call me anything
But I must have my lover

At night when I lay
In my bed
My skin against the sheets
My lover plays with my head
He tells me all kind of stories
Keeping me awake

No matter which way
I turn
My lover's hands are there
To enfold me
But it's his voice that
Ignites my desire
His constant whisper
And fantastic tales
That stir the small hairs
On my body
Causing me to run my tongue
Over my lips
And shiver
From the magic
Of his words

2 Comment:

aninda said...

first time .. u talking of a female emotion ... different U :)

Dan* said...

sexy poem haan ;)

beautiful blog :)

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