Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monday Blues - Adsense Ready Blogger Template

Monday Blues is an Adsense ready Blogger template with Web 2.0 features. You can download the template by clicking at the Download link at the bottom of this post. And Please use the template uploader feature provided by blogger. Dont just copy and paste the xml code. It may not work! You will have this template uploader if you already in a new blogger version. If you still using the classic one, then I encourage you to upgrade to the new blogger version. It’s free.

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Anwin said...

Hi, this is Anwin from the indiblogger team. I was wondering if you will be there at the kolkata bloggers meet on Sep 21. It would be great to meet you and other bloggers from Kolkata.

More details and to sign up visit http://www.indiblogger.in/bloggermeet.php?id=14

Anwin (Indiblogger)

PS: Awesome template man!

Reynold Hugh said...

Keep the thumbs Up!
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