Sunday, September 14, 2008

Delhi Blast Updates : The (Blame) Games Begins

The rigmarole of our respected Prime Minister and others in authority has already started to hide their shameless faces from the citizens of India. As expected, in accordance with the protocol right after the blast Mr. Manmohan Singh had called in a press conference and condemned the blast in a very serious note and appealed for calm. My question to Mr. Singh is, when would you stop having a laid back attitude towards the terrorist activities in India and make some moves towards eradicating them rather than calling press conferences and condemning the attacks after every blast? Why are you not on the roads already like the head honcho of your party who had visited the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital to enquire about the condition of those injured in the serial blasts in the national capital, aren't you concerned? Or do you think that you are incapable of performing all your duties alone, so why not Mrs. Gandhi take over half of it? Is it that you have better things to do because of which you could not take out time from your busy schedule to visit the citizens of India who had nominated you, I know the Indian politics has lost all it's morals, but atleast go and see those people who have suffered in the blasts even if for political mileage. It's time you stop throwing your witty one-liners at the opposition and prove that you are better than them, if at all you are better than them. Mr. Manmohan Singh, stop acting like a rubber stamp to Mrs. Gandhi and do something.

Mrs. Gandhi, thank you very much for visiting the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital to enquire about the condition of those injured in the serial blasts and thank you once again for describing the serial blasts as "dastardly" act and for saying that those behind these blasts would not be spared. But when will you party really act instead of you and your Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh bigmouthing about how these acts should be condemned? It's time you show some efforts instead of just "voicing" your concern against "dastardly" acts life the Delhi blasts. You did the same during the previous blasts and we see no improvements. Jaipur in May, Bangalore and Ahmedabad in July and Delhi on Saturday, different locations, but all the attacks carried out by the same outfit, possibly by the same bunch of terrorists. What have you done or what are you doing about it instead of just starting off with a new blame game everytime a blasts happens? Everytime a blast happens, the intelligence department blames the police for poor investigations and the police in turn blames the intelligence agencies for not providing them with advance information about possible terrorist strikes. Why don't you stop the blame game and act?

Now right after this the government machinery will feed the spineless media with the news of the high spirits of the Delhites and how they managed to courageously survive the aftermath of the blasts. That's exactly what the government did after the Mumbai blasts, after the Bangalore blasts. Ladies and gentlemen, think about it for once about the Mumbai incident. Serial blasts in trains shook the heart of Mumbai, there was chaos everywhere, people were in a hurry to go back to their respective homes, there were big traffic everywhere, call centre and BPO employees as usual didn't get an off so they had to come to office, there were people crying everywhere. This was the scenario in Mumbai after the Mumbai blasts. Do you find any high spirits in that? I was once a Delhite myself, and I don't find any high spirit other than in the liquor shops in knowing that there had been serial blasts at the place where my friends, relatives, near and dear ones are living and there are red alerts everywhere. I am sorry but I could not buy that piece of news.

Now as usual the government would try to act that it's acting against the terrorist activities in India, some innocent people would be arrested and would be made scapegoats and ta da, you got your villains ladies and gentlemen. It's time to rejoice till the next blasts when again we put our foot in our own mouth over how those people we caught were not the ones we had planned to nail down. Would the government stop this tomfoolery and do something about these terrorist activities? TO keep yourself updated you can subscribe to The Chronicles of R and you can send in your responses either through the comment in the posts or you can email me and I would try to show the government what the citizens of India really feel about these blasts by publishing those emails or a part of them on a separate post.

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vaphualization said...

Meanwhile, attacks on Christians and Churches continue unabated. It’s time to think who is our REAL enemy? If the Bajrand Dal activists really think they’re heroic enough, why don’t they go attack these terrorists? Man to man. One to one…

amiya said...

A very sad tale indeed that our impotent politicians are nothing but puppets, liars, cowards and what not. If Israel can defend itself, or the US, then why can't we? Enough of it. Train the gun on the offenders, whoever they may be and take aim.

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