Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is Search Engine Optimization?

[Posted by Chris Hart]

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as of we know it today is the name given to the collective techniques of improving the visibility of a website or a blog on the search engine listings. It refers to a list of marketing tools required to prepare a website in order to increase its rankings in the context of the result of pages of search engines and directories.

There are two main types of factors in search engine optimization:

1. On page Optimization
2. Off Page Optimization

On Page Optimization:

On Page Optimization is a technique which increases the search engine visibility of a web page using factors that are directly related to the content and structure of the website.

Features of On Page Optimization:

Title Tag: This is an area in a web page where the text is placed that shows the title of the website on the very top of the web browser window. Search engines use title tags to make a link in search results.

Meta tag description: A Meta Tag Description is a part of web page coding that gives the basic description about the website. This should focus on the website because Meta tag description plays a very important role in web page ranking.

Meta Tag Keywords: Meta Tag Keywords play the similar role as meta tag description for highlighting the importance of a website.

Keyword Density: A particular percentage of keywords used on a web page are called keyword density. A keyword must be used in a web page from 2% to 8 % for good page ranking. This technique is the backbone of Search Engine Optimization.

URL Structure: If you want your website to rank well then your URL of website must be related to the context of the website.

Now, you must be asking as yo what are the benefits of On Page Optimization. Well, to answer your question I would say that when creating or updating a commercial website two things should be kept in mind. First, the products should be made more attaractive for the viewers and second, how to gain more exposure with a broader target audience which in turn has its own benefits. This is done in order to enhance their business. On Page Optimization allows a higher page ranking based on a specific keyword or phrases. This process identifies those keywords that will benefit a particular website and uses them in such a way that it gets a higher page ranking when those keywords are searched.

Most searchers only views the websites listed on the first page of their searches because this is where the pages with higher page rankings are displayed, which translates into these pages find the highest relevance to their keyword searches. This makes it even more vital that each website comprehends the significance and the knowledge necessary to adapt their websites to benefit from Search Engine Optimization.

An understanding of Search Engine Optimization provides the website a higher ranking in the world of search engines. By taking advantage of optimization techniques, more searchers will gain faster access to the particular website. If the website has something worthwhile to offer then this strategy that should be implemented immediately.

Off Page Optimization:

Off page optimization too plays a major role in getting a higher rankings in most of the well known search engines. Off page optimization essentially refers to one very important factor and that is which other websites are linking to your website. Off page Optimization handle number of things off page to improve your search engine ranking and drive targeted visitor traffic to your website. Off page optimization is the continuous process in web site promotion. It's like making online marketing of your web site. In off page optimization you don't require to change anything in web site design or layout.

Some Important parts in Off Page Optimization:

Link Building: Link building is probably the most important part of off-page optimization.The primary means through which off page optimization is accomplished is through a link building effort.

Directory Submissions: The most important, the most obvious and usually the only one people choose to submit their website to a directory is search engine ranking.

Article: Article can be used to catapult your website into a top 10 listing on the first page of the natural rankings in the search engines.

Press Release: Press release in simple word means an announcement about specific happenings of a company and about the launch of a new product.

I hope you got a fair idea about what SEO is and how can it affect you and your blog or website. Would be publishing my next post soon, till then God bless you all.

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