Thursday, August 14, 2008

What am I reading now?

Do you remember Tarun Tejpal? The Editor-in-Chief of the revolutionary newspaper Tehelka? Very recently he has published a novel. The name of the book is The Alchemy of Desire. Last week I bought it from The Starmark on Lord Sinha Road. I would not mind saying that it is a nice fiction inspite of the fact that I have not finished even half of it yet. He sets the mood with the powerful starting line which says Love is not the greatest glue between two people. Sex is. How true! Being a person who loves to call himself impulsive, I would still say that emotional bondings attached with physical attraction are much more stronger compared to the platonic love of old Hindi flicks. And I can say that from my personal experience of being a person who have been in and out of love quite a number of times.

The story revolves around an impecunious young couple from a small town in India who are madly in love with eachother, move to the big city. The man works hard on a novel while caring only about his endless desire for his beautiful wife. In time they leave the city and moves to an old house in the Himalayas. While renovating their new home the husband discovers a chest full of diaries maintained by the previous owner of the house. In those diaries he slowly uncovers a dark secret, a forbidden secret.

It a nice buy and is worth every penny And once you start reading it, it's pretty difficult to put it down. It is published by Picador India and the cover price is Rs325. Now while I was at the bookstore I also found another book of interest. It is CSS - The Definitive Guide by Eric A. Meyer. The publisher is O'Reilley. It's a book which would easily make a place on the technology section of your personal library if you are interested in learning the art behind Cascading Style Sheets. Moreover, if you are a serious blogger and is determined to give your blog a new look and feel, I would say that this is a must buy for you. It would start from the basics of what CSS is and how would it help you to change the look and feel of your webpage, then it would slowly move on to advanced topics which includes CSS-2. Although I don't think Eric did justice by putting away only a single chapter on CSS-2, but for beginners to intermediary readers of CSS this is a must buy.

For the time being I am busy reading these two books while at times reading a few short stories of Lovecraft, you can get those from the Gutenberg Project of Australia if you love to read an ebook. Else you can gift yourself a collection of books and novels by the master of horror.

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