Saturday, August 23, 2008

Unethical Marketing

[Posted by Chris Hart]

'Stir the water to catch the fish' is the latest buzz in SEO town. Although it's quite unethical yet this method of gaining visitors is quite effective and has already crafted a niche in the marketing world. And there is no harm in twisting the arm of ethics for a good cause. Moreover, this is an already proven strategy and many famous bloggers John Chow have unwittingly used this technique and gotten tremendous result.

When we say stir the water we mean to create a buzz in the blogosphere by doing something unusual. Although this is a golden rule for any corporation in any business, yet it has no doubt has it's effects on the world of blogs. Now the question is how do we stir the water? Well, you must have seen many blogger running contests, that is a part of the stirring water strategy. Make statements that catches the eye, like John Chow said 'Never Put Your All Eggs in Google's basket' which became quite famous in the blogosphere. Write articles that would provoke readers mind, beliefs or thoughts. Run your own polls and contests on your blog or your site. Give away free gifts which sometimes would costs you nothing. For example you can give away free royalty free wallpapers, or maybe codes and scripts which the users can implement on their blogs or websites to add a dash to it. This is free, but it is guaranteed to bring visitors to your site in search of what the latest bling on offer.

Again some of the other things which can help to attract visitors is criticism, deception and controversy. Although this can be a bit tricky so you need to be aware of all the consequences, yet you can Prepare your blog with such ingredients and get visitors i.e. 'catch the fish'. SO start forming new ideas for running your blog, not just for writing a post. Be innovative and you are sure to catch the fish.

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