Saturday, August 23, 2008

Top 10 Secrets of SEO

[Posted by Chris Hart]

In my last post I spoke about how page ranking can affect your online business. Here are some rare tips on how to increase the page rank of your site or blog.

First, directories are still in abundance and are used by numerous people, thus search engines give preference to websites listed in directories. The directories comes in two flavors, free and paid. The free directories usually require link exchange, which is fine but then you should also remember that if you have many links on your web page, search engines can reduce your page ranks or rank on search engine result. So basically too much of anything is not good. Again in case of paid listing make sure that the page rank of the directory is high and it has good traffic.

Secondly, many search engines also provide sponsored links. Therefore you can pay to get listing at the top of the result page. However, you have to pay for every visitor sent to your website. This way you can get traffic very quickly.

Thirdly, you need to submit your articles to different article submission sites like Digg. Write quality articles related to your websites and/or products and then submit those same articles to good article submission websites. You can also have links in the articles thus getting backlinks and traffic at the same time.

Fourth, get as many high ranking links as possible. You can buy backlinks and many websites display links for free also such as classifieds' web page.

Fifth, join forums and online communities which are related to your websites and/or products. Discuss about your products there, you can also provide links to your website. This way you can traffic as well as backlinks.

Sixth, advertise your website in media such as Television ads, newspapers, magazines etc.

Seventh, have proper content. As I had discussed earlier that Content is King.

Eighth, always have a sitemap for your website. This help the visitors to explore the website more freely and conveniently.

Ninth, you must burn feeds for your websites. This way person get informed when there is some new content on your websites.

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