Friday, August 08, 2008

Sprout Builder

Sprout Builder is a site that generates Flash based contents that can be posted on any blog and most of the Social Networking sites. These are in the form of widgets, mini-sites, banners, mashups and several other forms of rich media contents.
Now the question is why use Sprout Builder? While using Sprout Builder, not only you do not need to any knowledge of Flash or any other coding experience, rather you would be provided with pre-built templates and dozens of components like progress bar and countdown timers etc. to make your widget creating process more easy and fun. You can easily create your sprout and then showcase it or use it to promote your blog, site or yourself!

While creating your sprout you would require to create an account with Sprout Builder, there are 2 choices. Either you can choose the FREE Standard account or you can register yourself under the Pro account which although is FREE at this point of time of writing this article, yet Sprout Builder can charge you for it in future. The difference between the Standard and Pro account is that while the sprout is being displayed, in case of a Standard account a "share sprout" bar would appear at the bottom of your sprout.

I have created my own sprout in just the span of a few mins. It's very simple and flexible. So go ahead, cerate your own sprout and brag about it to your friends!

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