Sunday, August 17, 2008

An Interview with God *ahem*...I mean an Animator

Another ardent fan of The Chronicles of R, a good friend and one of the very few most down to earth people that I have ever met, Madhurima Gupta a.k.a. Madzee with a "!" in the end is an animator in real life, or should I say reel life. I always bored her with my questions, then I thought why not ask her for an interview. Maybe this would also help the future animator to gain an insight into what the industry in reality is like. So here you go -

1. How does it feel to play God?
A: The way Bruce Almighty felt when he tried to do the same.

2. Was the path to success really smooth?
A: It Was about as smooth as a crocodile's skin. The path to pursuing ones passion is always bumpy and potholed.

3. What does it takes to be an animator?
A: Patience,Persistence and Perspicacity.

4. Since how long have you being making characters dance to your tunes?
A: My tunes?
Oh no ...the clients' tunes. And have grown pretty adept at dancing to the clients' tunes myself as well.

5. Is it really lonely at the top?
A: Not applicable.

6. What is the future on animation in and outside India?
A: By the looks of it, I mean the way animation institutes are rolling out regiments of industry-ready animators, the way innumerable studios are cropping up and surviving the rat race too, the way salaries are ever on the rise for highly qualified animators in India, and the number of international and indigenous projects being taken up. I'd say, pretty good!

7. What is the difference between characters animated by you and real life actors?
A: They're more "real" and dependable than real life ones and oh! they don't charge crores for acting a bit part in a movie and do not throw temper tantrums.

8. Which school did you attend to?
A: Lycee -- Pratt Memorial -- Xaviers -- JU-- Pentamedia.

9. How did you become interested in animation at the first place?
A: I've loved cartoons since I was a kid and always dreamed of animating them. When the industry came around and stood on its own feet, I jumped onto the bandwagon.

10. How would you define success?
A: Success is failure turned inside out.

11. What would be the one word which would describe you best?
A: Isn't this supposed to be multiple choice ?

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And Madhu, well no. This is not exactly a MCQ. But we'll end it here anyways. You have already hogged too much of bandwidth and limelight, so I have decided to continue this the next time over a cup of coffee maybe. Thank you very much for your time and patience.

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