Friday, August 08, 2008

An Interview with a Doctor

An ardent follower of The Chronicles of R, Anmol Kathuria is a doctor by profession. Moreover she happens to be a very close friend of mine. I had always wondered how does it feel to be a doctor, so I thought who would be a better person than to ask Dr Anmol! Here is how our conversation went:

1. How did you get interested in becoming a doctor?
A: From my early childhood this profeesion had always fascinated me. The aura, the respect that a doctor commands in both personal and profeisonal life made me see them with awe.

2. What hardships did you have to overcome during your pursuit of your career?
A: A great sense of responsibility and seriousness from the early days of med school which soon got translated into a passion to know more and learning as much as one can as the smallest failure may result in catastrophe and loss of faith.

3. Do you have any regrets about being a doctor (if so which and why)?
A: No regrets as such, but the amount of suffering a doctor has to deal with so closely and with hope and faith you are looked upon, one always wishes to do more.

4. What schools did you attend?
A: I believe formal education is not the end all and know all for a doctor. It is a continous process and I am still learning.

5. What is the greatest feat of being a doctor?
A: Seeing a person on the mend. That is the reason for which I came into this profession.

6. How did if feel when you received your doctoral degree?
A: There was a great sense of achievement, self pride with equal amount of responsibility and an intense urge to go out and do it.

7. How long have you been in practice?
A: I have been practicing for almost a decade now.

8. What do you like to do for past time when you're not in the hospital?
A: Well, I am an avid reader. My personal life is sorrounded by my books, my pet and I also spend some time on the net which is quite evident from this interview.

9. Did you have another career goal before your pursuit of being a doctor? If yes then why did you change?
A: N/A.

10.What are the 2 things each that you love and hate about your profession?
A: Love — Knowing how to treat and heal a patient is an immense satisfaction in itself, secondly I love the sense of self worth. Hate – Preset rigid and over defined career growth opportunities and contrary to popular belief this is the most thanksless professsion.

11.What legacy do you want to leave behind?
A: Healer with a smile. What more would I even want.

12.What do you do in order to mentally separate yourself from your job?
A: I have learnt to live with it.

Thanks Anmol for taking time out from your busy schedule to answer these questions. By the way, for the past few weeks even Anmol was quite curious to know about R. I hope my previous posts were able to satiate all of your curiosity about R.

From now on I would feature interviews from my constant readers and ardent fan followers of The Chronicles of R. If you too want to participate in this then forward me your name along with your profession and your opinion about The Chronicles of R on my email or through the feedback form. I would try to get back to you as soon as possible. Till then, take care and keep smiling :)

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Very professional interview job on a
doctor. You covered all aspects of her professional life and her background. Thanks for the post. God bless. I will be linking you to my blogs. I hope you do the same with mine.

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