Friday, August 15, 2008

An Independent India

India have come a long way since the day it had achieved independence and we all know that we had to pay a very high price in order to achieve this independence. We were taught this in our moral science, social studies and history classes when we were in school. But the question is do we as Indians realize the whole truth of this burning sentence? It was not achieved by us, it was not achieved in a day. But do we realize these seldom thought about facts?

Whenever we think of an independent India and our freedom fighters we think of Mahatma Gandhi. The Father of our Nation. But was he the sole person responsible for achieving this great feat? He was not. Neither was it our Chacha Nehru alone who did this then seemingly unachievable task. There were numerous others. Some of them are well known to us like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and a lot many others who we don't even know about. What have we done for them? What have we done for those numerous unsung heroes who gave up their lives to make their dreams of an independent India come true, or those brave mothers of those numerous martyrs who sacrificed their children so that we can get a taste of an independent India? All we did was to allow shameless politicians to show their ingenuity on our hard earned money. All we did was to satisfy the egos of certain political honchos by going to the Gandhi Ghat and pray as if to show our sincere reverence when the whole country is burning with famines, communalism, riots which were created by these politicians at the first place.

This makes me think what is the celebration all about, is it just to show once a year how proud we are of our country and then forget everything the next day so that we can carry on with our daily lives? Have we ever thought what have we done for our country? We have not because we haven't really done anything for our country to make it feel proud of us. But if we really want a free India, an independent India, we need a change. Else we would fall back into the chains of slavery once again, but this time it would not be the British. It would be the filthy politics of India which would once again bind us in it's dirty chains of slavery.

Happy Independence Day to all of you. Vande Mataram.

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Deepak said...

And your post is so so true - a sad truth - many of our unsung heroes died without any recognition and we too are trapped in our times - participating in the petty politics of our land - playing into the hands of people who smile at us in hopes of enriching themselves and not in the hope of enriching the culture of our great nation - a very thought provoking blog - and I commend you on it and pledge never to become a part of the brigade who build narrow walls and creat fragments of our beautiful nation

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