Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here comes the Snowl

How many times you had to surf through applications and sites to juggle between your email client, your microblogging sites and your favorite blogs to remain updated about all of them at once? A lot? Well then I do have a good news for you! Leading web browser company Mozilla have come up with an extension for its numero uno browser Firefox which would not only allow you to read RSS feeds from inside the browser but it would also help you to view feeds from other messaging services like Twitter without having the leave the cozy enviorenment of your browser. It is named Snowl, a short form for Snow and Owl. Well, you can figure that out from the logo itself.

Although right at this point of time it's still in a beta stage and it was announced on 6th August,2008. So for the time being there are a few limitations. Right at this point of time Snowl only supports two sources of messages: RSS?Atom feeds and Twitter feeds. Possible extension for Snowl would include additional message sources like Facebook, AIM, Google Talk, an interface for writing and sending messages to enable true two-way conversations and an API to make it easier for developers to build new experimental interfaces, e.g. an instant message view.

You too can get Snowl for Firefox from here. Try it and help Mozilla to build a better Snowl by submitting your reviews and/or any bugs that you may have found while using it by reporting the same on their site here.

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Snowl's logo rocks!

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