Thursday, August 21, 2008

Content is King

[Posted by Chris Hart]

One of the best ways to increase the SEO ranking of your website or your blog is to publish fresh and relevant and original text regularly. This actually increase the frequency with which your site would be crawled by the search engine spiders. This greatly improves your page ranking. What happens if you do not update your site regularly? Well, it's very simple. An absence of a regular feed of articles a day keeps the spiders away. If you don't update your site regularly then the spiders would search your site infrequently and as a result the page rank of your site would drop drastically.

But the problem is that most websites do not have regular updates. This includes business websites or websites of companies that rarely have any new contents to add to their site. This causes stagnation. A very simple solution to this is to take the help of RSS feeds. For other websites like blogs, one can always resort to various copywriting strategies providing provision for adding testimonials, newsletters, reviews and comments for your website, adding new blog post or in case you are running out of topic, you can always search for sites where you can hire freelance wirters for a bare minimum amount.

But you should always remember that the content of your site must be of some practical value to the visitor and should contain relevant, useful, interesting and original content that the visitor would like to read and would come back to read something similar once again. Plagiarism is a straight no no. Using duplicate content or promotional materials like advertisements and/or brochured are not considered as content in the ideal context and would not help increase your SEO ranking.

Before publishing any content on your site you should make sure that it is not stolen or copied and pasted from some other website. If it so then your site would be marked as "duplicate content" and thus it might be excluded from indexing by the search engines like Google. There are many ways to avoid this issue, you can change the content and rewrite it and then publish it in your site. You should follow the same rule while writing reviews of products because the same would be written on the manufacturers site. So you can add exclusive comments to avoid plagiarism.

So you can say that one of the best ways to increase the raking of your site is by publishing good, relevent, original and interesting content. You can be sure it would increase the number of your site visitors within a very short period of time.

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