Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chris Hart : Our New Guest Blogger

I have asked a guest bloggers to join me on this blog. He will no doubt enrich it by bringing in his own perspectives and experiences from a different horizon.

Chris is a currently working as a Manager in Branding with an internet company in the South California region. Before this he was a working with a company known for their website promotional expertise. Chris is regarded as a leading expert in implementing SEO or search engine optimization.

Another ardent follower or should I say a constant reader of The Chronicles of R, he has promised to write about how to promote your blogs or websites and reach out to a larger audience. I hope even I would be able to learn something from him which would help me take The Chronicles of R to new heights. I also hope you too would be able to benefit from this too.

To find his posts on SEO or search engine optimization you need to select SEO from the list of labels.

Thank you all for making The Chronicles of R a success :)

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