Friday, August 22, 2008

Body-Paint Your Blog

So you have painted a new tattoo or is flaunting a new body-paint for the umpteenth time on your body? It looks cool, does it? Aren't you looking gorgeous! Why not do something similar on your blog or website to make a statement to the whole world? For this you need to use Blogstickers. What, you haven't heard of Blogstickers!

Well, Blogstickers is a free Web 2.0 service that allows you to display 5 random stickers of your choice on as many blogs or website as you want. How do they look like? Well, you can take a quick glance on the top right corner of this blog and you can get the feel of it. To use this service you are required to register on their website which is a very simple thing to do and would hardly take a minute. They would send you a mail on the email id that you would provide them during the registration process. Using that email you need to activate your account. After that you can claim your blog or website using very simply methods. You can do that either by uploading a file, providing your Blogger account user id and password or some other similar method and you are ready to go. You would then need to select the stickers of your choice and add a JavaScript code on your website or blog so that the sticker can be displayed. And you are ready to go! If you see your blog or website now you would see a stickers is displayed diagonally on either top corner of your site. And boy does it look good.

If you want to know more about these services you can subscribe to The Chronicles of R and I would keep you updated on the same. And to visit Blogstickers you need to click here.

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