Friday, July 25, 2008


Since the last couple of weeks quite a number of people have shown their curiosity over R. This includes my friends, people I have met over different social networking sites (mainly Orkut), friends and people who I was introduced through my blog and last but not the least, an unknown guy (*ahem*) who left a scrap on my scrapbook asking about her...I mean,asking about R. So I felt an urge to do something about this growing curiosity, I felt I should pen down some of my own thoughts about R. Now the problem with writing about R is that if I get in the mood I would end up writing another Abhigyana Shakuntalam on R. It's not that I don't want to write an epic on R but it would take time which would not serve the purpose for which I originally started writing this short narrative, to defend the sudden downpour of curiosity over R.

To sum up R in a sentence, I would say R is my life. No, she is not just a part of it. Rather she constitutes the whole of it. Is R my alter ego? In a way she is, she is mostly what I am not, she completes me. Is R my imagination? No, R is my dream. Then is R for real? Yes, definitely. R is another human being like you and me. R is an intelligent modern day woman who had swept me off my feet even before I had even met her. Is R my ex-girlfriend(s)? No, how can an ex be presently my life! Then she would not be an ex, right? R is my past, my present and my future. R is the most beautiful woman I have ever met. She is like a fairy, an angel.

There are people like Mother Teresa who change lives, she is such a personality who can change a life. She changed me. You must have heard about people who fall in love, I rose in love with her! Her love is so inspiring, it had changed me completely. I would not exaggerate if I say that she had made a man out of me.

The best part is that when I told R that I was about to write about her, she gave me some ideas about who R was! According to her I should write that R is a he and he is a model, a fashion designer, he lives in the Hawaii and loves to do the Hola Hola dance. And as you know I cannot refuse her of anything. So I have written about her version of R too.

Now let me try and give this biography a grand ending. I want to ask you a very simple question. Do you think I am a love sick puppy? No, absolutely not. I am a love sick puppy with a red colored silk bow tied to my neck and I am served on a silver platter, but only for R :)

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Anonymous said...

O M G!!!

Nimisha said...

oh wow! :-)

Julia Scissor said...


Ms R is insanely lucky.

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