Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Imagine you are a multi-billion dollar company in US. A journalist is preparing a report on your company. Your team of experts prepares a secret dossier on how to deal with the journalist which your team of experts somehow manage to deliver to that very same journalist. What would your reaction be?

Yes, I guess this would match your exact reactions on your mistake. Wired Contributing Editor Fred Vogelstein received a similar dossier that Microsoft and its outside public relations agency Waggener Edstrom kept on him in his email. You can read the whole story at Vogelstein's own post Microsoft Sends Secret Dossier on Reporter, to Reporter. You would also be able to see the dossier at the same site.

You can also read the reaction of Waggener Edstrom President Frank Shaw here and Chris Anderson, Wired’s Editor in Chief's response here. Have you ever thought about it that what would you do if you found a similar file under your name? What would your reaction be?

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