Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Life

I am confused, perplexed!
Are you inside the cage, or
Is it just an illusion?
You have her with you, you
Can touch her, love her,
Smile at her and talk. Then
Doesn’t that make it your
Is it you who is inside that
Cage, or is it me?
I roam around freely, traversing
Great Length, but I don’t have
Her beside me!
I can’t talk to her, I can’t
Smile at her!
Love is long lost and
And see, today
I have almost even forgotten
To breath! Why? She was my life.
Without my life, how can
I live, breath or die?

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Adrian said...

Great Words seems to me they are really from very close to ur heart loved it! Keep Up the good work.

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