Tuesday, July 29, 2008


One of the latest trends on the Netville is Microblogging. Through Microblogging you can blog texts within 140 characters and publish them to be viewed by the whole world or by a particular group of people. Although some services do allow you to post links to photos, videos etc.

Twitter, which was launched in July 2006 is one of the most popular Microblogging service available today. Twitter popularised Microblogging in many countries. But very recently after the IM feature of Twitter was taken off Twitter seems to have lost it's charm.

After the untimely fall of Twitter many services started coming up with the same concept of Microblogging. Sites like Jaiku, Powence have carved quite a niche. Yesterday while surfing the net I found a comparatively new yes very robust Microblogging service called Plurk. it follows the concept of timeline, when you post a blog it gets posted according to the time you have posted the same. You can also make your posts private. You can make new friends and follow their Plurk. There are customizable widgets available on the site which you can put up on your blogs and/or different other sites. They also have a concept of Karma, where the more Karma you achieve the more features you can access on the site. You can gain Karma by posting regularly, making friends etc. One thing good about Plurk is that it follows a no-spam policy. I have created my account at Plurk and it seems very addicting to me. Below you would find the link through which you can add me on your Plurk.

Follow me at Plurk

So join Plurk and (Micro)blog away!

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