Saturday, July 26, 2008

~ It's Time to Celebrate ~

Yes, it's time for a celebration indeed. Cause The Chronicles of R had finally received a PR 7 today for a few minutes. Moreover, my Feedburner count had jumped from 3 to 8.

R and I have come a long way walking together, hand in hand. We started off our journey in December 2007. We never knew where we were heading. The future was a blur. But we never lost hope, cause we were together. We had to fight quite a number of battles, sometimes even with ourselves. But we never lost faith in eachother. Why? Because we were in LOVE! And LOVE is such a madness that it can make people achieve the impossible. It was LOVE that made us believe in ourselves, it was LOVE that gave us the courage to walk on the fire. It was LOVE and LOVE all along that we could made it this far.

I know we have a long way to go, it would not be easy either. But I'm not afraid, cause I have R by my side. We need all your prayers. If you believe in LOVE do pray for us. Cause R and I are LOVE personified.

Thank you all for making The Chronicles of R a success.


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